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  1. Brooklands is the most densely populated area.

  2. The northern lobby is located in a densely populated area on Kosmonavtov Avenue.

  3. The aircraft rolled to the right and crashed in a populated area of São Paulo, Brazil.

  4. In the sparsely populated area where Item moved ashore, the hurricane dropped heavy rainfall.

  5. The nearest populated area to the shoot was 100 miles (160 km) away and insurance coverage was denied.

  6. Around 1800 UTC, Gay made landfall over a sparsely populated area near Kavali, India, in Andhra Pradesh.

  7. The Interstate has an interchange with Ormsby Road in the Homa Hills area on the northern edge of the Casper populated area.

  8. The town of Mammoth Lakes, located near the southern end of the chain and Mammoth Mountain, is the largest populated area nearby.

  9. By starting from the east—assuming that a landing could be made there—Nansen's would be a one-way journey towards a populated area.

  10. During the third millennium BC, Caral-Supe may have been the most densely populated area of the world (excepting, possibly, Northern China).

  11. The only sparsely populated area of the country is the savanna land in the former province of Umutara and Akagera National Park in the east.

  12. Although Wakaw had a population of only 400, it sat at the heart of a densely populated area of rural townships and had its own district court.

  13. The highway heads a short distance to the north, passing a thinly populated area in Shoreham, as intermittent forest yields to fields and farmlands.

  14. Although it served a lightly populated area, the opening of the GCR made Quainton Road an important junction station at which four railway lines met.

  15. The railway served a relatively lightly populated area, but was built to main line specifications in anticipation of it becoming a major route to Gosport.

  16. Peterson, ordered Chicago Pile-1 dismantled and reassembled at Red Gate Woods, as he regarded the operation of a reactor as too hazardous for a densely populated area.

  17. A rugged, sparsely populated area, the Catlins features a scenic coastal landscape and dense temperate rainforest, both of which harbour many endangered species of birds, most notably the rare yellow-eyed penguin.

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