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  1. It will probably be my last.

  2. He probably died in late 1217.

  3. Sennacherib was probably born c.

  4. Lochner probably saw van Eyck's c.

  5. His father was probably William C.

  6. It probably also included Meltria.

  7. They probably reproduce every year.

  8. It had probably been stored by Mrs.

  9. The larvae probably feed on grasses.

  10. Alexander II was probably born in c.

  11. Work probably did not begin on the keep until 1226.

  12. The other shell probably exploded outside the ship.

  13. The natural source of Ebola virus is probably bats.

  14. It probably reflects an eruption at Ubinas instead.

  15. Atlantic puffins are probably safer when out at sea.

  16. It probably counts as the best selling contemporary classical record of all time.

  17. They probably represent a fused tradition of European and Mediterranean cultures.

  18. The meter probably dictated the choice between each of the two forms of the name.

  19. It leaps in either manner in different directions, probably to confuse predators.

  20. Philip I and Antiochus XI probably resided in Cilicia during Seleucus VI's reign.

  21. The modified sword, which in total probably cost Rookwood more than £20, was delivered on 4 November.

  22. As they left office, Diocletian and Maximian probably imagined Christianity to be in its last throes.

  23. The bones also showed traces of numerous healed fractures, probably the result of on-board accidents.

  24. He argued that the site was probably occupied "by a large population for a comparatively short time".

  25. He held the sheriffdoms of Hereford and Shropshire at least until 1136, and probably until his death.

  26. The doorway had been the main portal of the abbey, and was probably built as the south transept door.

  27. Scientists will probably never be certain of the largest and smallest dinosaurs to have ever existed.

  28. This trade benefited the nearby city of Mendes, from which one of Pepi's viziers probably originated.

  29. The name Altrincham first appears as "Aldringeham", probably meaning "homestead of Aldhere's people".

  30. Contemporary sources reported that this was probably the only time that an actor had been so honored.

  31. The first earthworm was found in a soil sample in 1993, probably carried over from Heimaey by a bird.

  32. He was probably in that part of Scotland he did rule for most of the time between late 1127 and 1130.

  33. The pattern probably continued from 1704, when Strattner was succeeded by Drese's son Johann Wilhelm.

  34. The Quaternary glaciation probably led to cycles of retreat into refugia, expansion and range shifts.

  35. The king of Alodia was killed, but the "patriarch", probably the archbishop of Soba, managed to flee.

  36. The nesting Nemegtomaia specimen was placed on top of what was probably a ring of eggs, with its arms folded across them.

  37. Photographs from 1914 show it in an ornate, decorative frame which is probably the same as in Gabriel's 1835 description.

  38. These smooth plains were probably resurfaced later in Titania's geological history, after the majority of craters formed.

  39. All examples of Olmec colossal heads wear distinctive headdresses that probably represent cloth or animal hide originals.

  40. It was proposed, probably for cost reasons, that the short-range battleships should have a hierarchy of three subclasses.

  41. As the storm center was well offshore most were probably unreported, but six tornadoes touched down on the Florida coast.

  42. The water was probably delivered by planetary embryos and small planetesimals thrown out of the asteroid belt by Jupiter.

  43. His first extended stay with Alfred was at the royal estate at Leonaford, probably from about April through December 886.

  44. He probably died by October 123 BC since the first Antiochene coins of Antiochus VIII were issued in 190 SE (123/122 BC).

  45. The Annales Cambriae, a set of Welsh annals that were probably kept at St David's, records Asser's death in the year 908.

  46. Bede is not specific on the type of plague, but Maddicott argues that because of the time of its eruption and the way it arrived in England it was probably bubonic plague.

  47. Thomas Owen Clancy has recently all but proven that the Lebor Bretnach, the so-called "Irish Nennius", was written in Scotland, and probably at the monastery in Abernethy.

  48. Historian Séan Duffy argues that the Bissets (later known as the "Bissets of the Glens") helped Hugh de Lacy, and probably ended up with Donnchadh's territory as a reward.

  49. Cricket historian Don Ambrose suggests that Mold probably did throw his faster delivery, which may have accounted for the high proportion of his wickets which were bowled.

  50. This is despite the fact that the surviving specimen does not possess a knob, and Latham did not mention or depict this feature, so such depictions are probably incorrect.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word probably has the following synonyms: credibly, believably, plausibly, likely, in all likelihood, in all probability and belik.

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