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  1. NCI is devoted to Indigenous programming.

  2. He became fascinated by physics programming.

  3. Both Cerny and Flanagan handled programming the game.

  4. However, programming in these languages can be tedious.

  5. Sports programming from Virginia Tech is also broadcast.

  6. Melee, for the GameCube, to continue his programming passion.

  7. Annick Mahnert, the programming director, published her decision:.

  8. Yu was the lead artist, and Holowka handled the programming and audio components.

  9. Key developed Proteus using a game engine written in the C# programming language.

  10. At Beth Elohim, he focused on programming and services for urban Jewish families.

  11. On "Mind's Mirrors", Meshuggah used electronics, programming and "robotic voices".

  12. Due to the programming of certain in-game events, players can encounter MissingNo.

  13. It was produced as part of Nickelodeon's commitment to feature cultural diversity in its programming.

  14. This was a day of programming to commemorate the closure of the studios after 40 years of use by the BBC.

  15. If programming is continuous, the anthem is played once at 0600 hours, or slightly earlier at 0458 hours.

  16. Mutual was now part of a much larger programming service, and its identity was being gradually phased out.

  17. Wii Sports has been featured on television in Wii commercials, news reports, as well as other programming.

  18. The channel broadcasts programming mainly in Tigrinya with some programming in Amharic, Oromo and English.

  19. New episodes were shown once a week, occasionally skipping one or two weeks in favor of other programming.

  20. On October 12, 1991, breaking news forced ABC News to interrupt regular Saturday morning programming again.

  21. During the game's alpha testing phase, part of the programming team worked to create a smooth lighting model.

  22. In April 1958, Stanley Gill (Ferranti) discussed parallel programming and the need for branching and waiting.

  23. Two of the measures that are used to determine whether a genetic programming result is human-competitive are:.

  24. Producer Joan Ganz Cooney called children's programming a "wasteland", and she was not alone in her criticism.

  25. Record producer and DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad, credited for programming on the album, assisted in its production.

  26. Carter interpreted new reality programming as "designed to push the envelope of prime-time broadcasting" content.

  27. It's sort of if you mushed together C, Basic and Java in a way—for programming people it's sort of Windows based.

  28. The Java programming language library implementation of binary search had the same overflow bug for more than nine years.

  29. Not until David Liddiment's appointment as director of programming at ITV in August 1997 was a six episode series ordered.

  30. The researching, planning, design and programming of the game took about six months and between 200 and 300 hours of work.

  31. Responsibility for contemporary programming was split between the Studio programmes of The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet.

  32. Programming from Lang-Worth was removed from the station's schedule in 1951, while Keystone programming remained until 1960.

  33. The programme was broadcast simultaneously across the ITV regions and became a mainstay of ITV's current affairs programming.

  34. Some current programming on Westwood One, which is now owned by Cumulus Media, can still trace its lineage directly to Mutual.

  35. Mutual's member stations shared their own original programming, transmission and promotion expenses, and advertising revenues.

  36. The cover, which according to programming guides had an easy listening and country music appeal, was produced by Billy Strange.

  37. Rocky Mountain News' Dusty Saunders cited the series as an example of the network shifting toward action-adventure programming.

  38. American media, traditionally not overly interested in cycling, made his victory headline news and TV broadcasters interrupted their regular programming to break the news.

  39. The SSAP (Sequential Structure Alignment Program) method uses double dynamic programming to produce a structural alignment based on atom-to-atom vectors in structure space.

  40. The station also airs "best of" editions of previously recorded weekday programming and a "best of" edition of Charlie Kirk's program which isn't heard during the weekdays.

  41. The focus moved to multichannel television, with appearances in live televised football matches, films, and popular programming such as I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

  42. By 2002, Blue's Clues had received several awards for excellence in children's programming, educational software, and licensing, and had been nominated for nine Emmy Awards.

Programming—save in a sentence

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  1. By this time, as historian Jim Cox describes, both Mutual and ABC "had largely wiped their slates clean of most of their network programming—save news and sporting events and a few long-running features".

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