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Refresher in a sentence

Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word refresher in a sentence.

  1. In England he was posted to a six-week refresher course in Shropshire, flying Spitfires.

  2. The following year, he completed a refresher course at Central Flying School, Point Cook.

  3. Pilots who had not flown Hornets for more than nine months undertook the two-week refresher course.

  4. Fox reported to the Fleet Training Group at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba for refresher training and base defense.

  5. In April 1954, it began conducting fighter combat instructor courses, as well as refresher courses on jets.

  6. Unlike the Baltic states, Finland started a gradual mobilisation under the guise of "additional refresher training".

  7. In November 1959, he took a refresher course at CFS, qualifying on De Havilland Vampire and English Electric Canberra jets.

  8. Her overhaul in New York—which lasted from 23 September to 10 March 1948—was followed by refresher training at Guantanamo Bay.

  9. Soon after arriving in San Diego, Hanjour and Hazmi left for Mesa, Arizona, where Hanjour began refresher training at Arizona Aviation.

  10. The unit's main role is to provide introductory jet aircraft training to RAAF pilots as well as refresher training on the Hawk for experienced pilots.

  11. Throughout August and September, Iowa continued with sea trials, then began refresher training in the waters around Florida and Puerto Rico in October.

  12. He turned down the offer of a posting home to Southern Rhodesia as an instructor and, after a refresher course in Egypt, travelled to Corsica to rejoin No.

  13. From April to August 1984, Iowa underwent refresher training and naval gunfire support qualifications at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and the Puerto Rican Operating area.

  14. After refresher training at San Diego, Fox sailed on 30 September 1945 for the East Coast, arriving at New York City 17 October 1945 for the Navy Day celebrations.

  15. In August 1988, Iowa set sail on sea trials around the Chesapeake Bay area and then began refresher training in the waters around Florida and Puerto Rico in October.

  16. Upon completion of a major overhaul at the New York Naval Shipyard, Wisconsin headed south for refresher training in the Caribbean Sea, later taking part in another Springboard exercise.

  17. Eventually Brigadier General Paul Wurtsmith of the 5th AF organized a refresher session for the new pilots, and they learned from experienced combat aviators at Charters Towers Airfield.

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Refreshers in a sentence

Refreshers is a variation of refresher, below you can find example sentences for refreshers.

  1. The training schedule was complete, as planned, by November 1, 1969; activities after that date were intended as refreshers.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_12

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