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Refreshing in a sentence

Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word refreshing in a sentence.

  1. She is a hearty and refreshing new type".

  2. It was the refreshing impact of loyal, unsung players ..

  3. Sify wrote: "Overall, it is a classy and refreshing album".

  4. Due to popular demand, it was later upgraded to refreshing every 3 seconds.

  5. Many rivers and lakes flow through [the region], refreshing and purifying it.

  6. The song introduced something new and refreshing to the V-pop music industry.

  7. Many reviewers found the game's combat a refreshing difference from other games.

  8. According to an MTV writer, Posner's rendition was "a refreshing take on the original".

  9. Devotional and refreshing music is played during recess and during the morning assembly.

  10. On excursions, the Forsters encounter more hospitality, including a type of refreshing massage.

  11. Her aplomb is her triumph." Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone called the album "a refreshing, cohesive package.

  12. Sunset Pool is a summer get away with fun and refreshing activities for early childhood, youth/adults and seniors.

  13. It's refreshing to see a couple that's not perfect on television, a couple that works through trials and tribulations.

  14. Bale said he found it refreshing to play Mandras, who is emotionally humane, after working on American Psycho and Shaft.

  15. Lang called the song a "surprising, refreshing risk", while Horner found the track inspiring and "brutally, rebelliously stark".

  16. As someone who's wallowed in it, 'foot-in-mouthed' it hundreds of times, said dumb things and backed up dumber ones, it's refreshing.

  17. They also felt that the digitized sprite-based graphics were a refreshing change from the polygon-based graphics used in most Saturn games.

  18. The musical world has become serious very serious and it is indeed refreshing to hear a merry, humorous piece, and music, unassuming in character ..

  19. A crying, defiant Bosse went off by herself to the seaside resort Hornbæk in Denmark, a much shorter trip, but to her senses, a delightfully refreshing one.

  20. Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham found Drummond "a thorough non-cooperator" but Drummond's assistant, Arthur Lee, described him as "a refreshing man to work with ..

  21. These arrays reduced the amount of work that the game had to perform to update the screen: instead of refreshing the entire screen for any change, like Spacewar!

  22. They were enthusiastically received by audiences there, and Verlaine said it was refreshing to perform at large theatres after playing smaller clubs for four years.

  23. Chris Jordan of Asbury Park Press deemed it as one of the best singles of that year and stated that "it was refreshing to hear the debauchery depicted" in the song.

  24. Larwood dismissed Bradman for low scores in each of the Australian innings, writing later: "It was a refreshing sight to see [him] clumsily waving his bat in the air".

  25. Jonathan Hatchman of Clash said, "Although refreshing, visceral and completely understandable—when listening to the whole LP, the political themes are occasionally overwhelming".

  26. Girded by a refreshing sense of freedom, an inexhaustible creativity that simply must manifest at the intersection of body and instruments, it spins the wheel consistently and spontaneously..

  27. Critics found Styles's musical direction refreshing and commented on the song's unconventional structure which is composed of several breakdown pre-choruses and post-choruses, and a single chorus.

  28. The painting shows the moment from Summer in which Musidora, having removed the last of her clothes, steps into "the lucid coolness of the flood" to "bathe her fervent limbs in the refreshing stream".

  29. Jason Killingsworth of Edge praised its lack of sexualized female characters, writing that it "offers a refreshing antidote to the sexism and regressive gender attitudes of most blockbuster videogames".

  30. Gold's borscht consists of puréed beetroots seasoned with sugar, salt and citric acid; it is usually blended with sour cream and served as a refreshing beverage, more aptly described as a "beet smoothie".

  31. Matt Haigh, writing for Den of Geek, reviewed "Gender Bender" positively, feeling that it was "a nicely refreshing and original idea", with "strikingly atmospheric" sets and "impressively spooky" villains.

  32. Although Caged Bird was refreshing in its honesty, something its readers and reviewers value, Angelou's honesty in Gather Together had become, as reviewer John McWhorter perceives it, "more and more formulaic".

  33. In a more positive review, Raja Sen wrote that Ranaut "is refreshing [...] and manages to herd her emotions well, playing a complex role but hardly ever overreaching", but criticised her delivery of English lines.

  34. Petersburg Times, while reviewing the concert, described the performance, "The show closed with a buoyant Together Again that found Jackson grinning, surrounded by dancers moving in refreshing, unscripted merriment".

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Refreshingly in a sentence

Refreshingly is a variation of refreshing, below you can find example sentences for refreshingly.

  1. As a viewing experience, Waiting is refreshingly restrained when compared to most other Hindi films.

  2. They also regarded the battle system as intensely complicated, yet refreshingly innovative and something that "RPG fanatics love to obsess over".

  3. Mark Lynas in the New Statesman noted that "whereas most environmental books sag under the weight of their accumulated bad news, The World Without Us seems refreshingly positive".

  4. Many have been published within collections; they are, according to The Independent's reviewer: "a delight, full of the sparks of an abrasive and entertaining wit, refreshingly free from politeness".

  5. None of them were particularly virtuosic or showy as musicians and their music is refreshingly free of the noodling long[u]eurs that characterised the output of their more self-indulgent contemporaries.".

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Synonyms for refreshing

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word refreshing has the following synonyms: bracing, brisk, energizing, energising, fresh, refreshful, tonic, invigorating, novel and new.

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