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  1. Drought and famine can also relax the fady that protect lemurs.

  2. He had allowed his army time to relax and feed their horses, while he took a nap.

  3. When Kermit the Frog told Sellers he could relax and be himself, Sellers replied:.

  4. The cruise back to Earth was mostly a time for the crew to relax and monitor the spacecraft.

  5. The idea came when sugar lobbyists were trying to persuade Crist to relax restriction of U.S.

  6. Lincoln would come to Seward's house and the two lawyers would relax before the fire, chatting.

  7. These powers included the ability to both restrict tribal powers or to relax such restrictions.

  8. Cases of very high blood pressure are treated with medications that relieve anxiety and relax the blood vessels.

  9. The time interval between the call and echo allows them to relax these muscles, so they can hear the returning echo.

  10. Sega's rival Genesis system forced Nintendo to relax some of its restrictions on third parties with respect to the SNES.

  11. On the Sunday of the match, when there was no play, Verity arranged for Hutton to have a break by the sea to relax away from cricket.

  12. Lindwall was worried his captain had noticed the injury, but Bradman later claimed to have feigned ignorance to allow his paceman to relax.

  13. Due to Thompson's extensive acting experience, Lee encouraged her to practice t'ai chi to "help her relax [and] make her do things simpler".

  14. One ray of hope today was the dedication ceremony of the House of German Art in Munich.But at any rate I can relax a bit with the architects.

  15. Their eyes open shortly after their fur coat develops—between 87 and 93 days—and their mouths can relax their hold of the nipple at 100 days.

  16. Once the shell is penetrated, the prey dies almost instantaneously, its muscles relax, and the soft tissues are easy for the octopus to remove.

  17. A group of soldiers relax in the square, waiting for the changing of the guard and commenting on the passers-by ("Sur la place, chacun passe").

  18. Once in front, Stevens got Oxbow to relax, and they ran the first quarter-mile in 0:23.94, the half mile in 0:48.60, and three-quarters at 1:13:26.

  19. There, he trained with the coach Elizabeth Kemp of whom he says: "I was never able to relax in my life before her." She advised him on many of his films.

  20. When Alberich begins his rough wooing the maidens relax: "Now I laugh at my fears, our enemy is in love", says Flosshilde, and a cruel teasing game ensues.

  21. Concrete "branches", covered in turf and wild grass extend from the parliamentary buildings, and provide members of the public with somewhere to sit and relax.

  22. However, his removal from the central government and the rejection of his unity proposal by the North Katanga Provincial Assembly forced him to relax his goals.

  23. Brittle cores are also often allowed to rest in storage at the drill site for some time, up to a full year between drilling seasons, to let the ice gradually relax.

  24. As Europa moves slightly away from Jupiter, Jupiter's gravitational force decreases, causing Europa to relax back into a more spherical shape, and creating tides in its ocean.

  25. Although he told Parliament that he would not relax religious restrictions, he promised to do exactly that in a secret marriage treaty with his brother-in-law Louis XIII of France.

  26. A muscle opens the spiracle and widens the atrial chamber; dorsoventral muscles contract to compress the pulmonary chamber, forcing air out, and relax to allow the chamber to refill.

  27. Breyer believed that the question the Court needed to answer was whether Congress had the authority to relax restrictions that had been imposed on an Indian tribe's inherent sovereignty.

  28. He also declared a love for the outdoors and mentioned that, to relax, he would draw "comic scribbles" of himself as the Prime Minister of Mirth, which he would occasionally give to fans.

  29. Lindwall was worried Bradman had noticed his injury and would be disappointed, but the Australian captain later claimed to have feigned ignorance to allow Lindwall to relax and focus on his bowling.

  30. Hoover arranged for the delivery of food shipments and persuaded the Allies to relax their blockade of the Baltic Sea, which had obstructed food supplies to Finland, and to allow food into the country.

  31. You have to relax and give them time to market their product." Disney's production of short films decreased in the late 1940s, coinciding with increasing competition in the animation market from Warner Bros.

  32. There were puppeteers, acrobats, theatre actors, sword swallowers, snake charmers, storytellers, singers and musicians, prostitutes, and places to relax, including tea houses, restaurants, and organized banquets.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word relax has the following synonyms: loosen, loose, loosen up, unbend, unwind, decompress, slow dow, slack, slacken, slack up, unstrain, unlax and make relaxed.

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