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  1. Before the release of Vol.

  2. Prior to the release of Dr.

  3. It has no set release date.

  4. Due for release Summer 2014.

  5. Upon release, Mantaray hit No.

  6. The film will release in 2022.

  7. No Android release is planned.

  8. Purnell to release von Neumann.

  9. DVD release, November 24, 2017.

  10. The release “Drop It” was a No.

  11. The reissue is scheduled for release on November 5.

  12. A wider European release followed throughout March.

  13. No ransom was paid for the release of the hostages.

  14. Media outlets described the release as independent.

  15. First Contact garnered positive reviews on release.

  16. The Special Edition Soundtrack was released over DirectSong as a digital release.

  17. A Thousand Nights was re-released in 2009 after a limited copies release in 2008.

  18. Similarly, Iris was used as a viral marketing campaign for the release of Halo 3.

  19. On December 29, 2020, she will release her second single, ¿Qué más quieres de mí?

  20. Since its initial release, it has been included in several greatest albums lists.

  21. It marked Carey's third video release, following The First Vision (1991) and MTV Unplugged +3 (1992).

  22. Treat Myself was later given a January 2019 release date but was not released until January 31, 2020.

  23. Since the first release of Are You Experienced in 1967, there have been six different track listings.

  24. Around the same time there was going to be a release for Windows 3.1x but those plans were cancelled.

  25. Unlike other mushrooms known to release spores in response to a circadian rhythm, spore release in M.

  26. The main vocal theme for the original Japanese release was "Passion", written and performed by Utada.

  27. On February 5, 2019, it was announced that the film would instead be produced for release on Netflix.

  28. During this time there is a tendency to release the RNA transcript and produce truncated transcripts.

  29. GDIs slow the rate of dissociation of GDP from rab proteins and release GDP from membrane-bound rabs.

  30. After its release, the album sold well, breaking even within three months and selling 350,000 copies.

  31. In March 2020, Dark Horse Comics announced the acquisition of the manga for English-language release.

  32. Island Records objected to the release, believing consumers would confuse the EP for a new U2 record.

  33. A Japanese release of the English version, titled Roentgen English, was released on October 14, 2004.

  34. Wilco subsequently followed the release with an autumn tour, the tour later being extended into 2020.

  35. The release was announced on their Johnny's official page, as well as on their social media profiles.

  36. At the time of the Saturn's release, Famicom Tsūshin awarded it 24 out of 40, higher than the PlayStation's 19 out of 40.

  37. In May 1996, Chris Bagwell started to maintain and release updated versions of SoX, starting with version sox-11gamma-cb.

  38. It was Radiohead's first release after their recording contract with EMI ended with their album Hail to the Thief (2003).

  39. He was twice offered command of the RAAF during the war but the RAF was unwilling to release him to take up the position.

  40. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius to call for the release of Julian Assange.

  41. It rose to number one in sales and money grossed from a mobile video game before losing the spot nine days after release.

  42. To hit its new November 9, 2004, release date, Bungie went into the "mother of all crunches" in order to finish the game.

  43. At the time of release, Southend had no plans to release downloadable content, though they implemented a method to do so.

  44. The Ecstatic charted at number nine on the Billboard 200 in its first week of release and eventually sold 168,000 copies.

  45. After the game's release, Miyamoto admitted publicly he felt it was incomplete and development was rushed toward the end.

  46. With the release of Ōkami HD for the Nintendo Switch, Data Disc prepared a vinyl four-disc compilation of over 60 of the game's musical tracks for release in October 2018.

  47. The talks proved fruitless, and soon after, Smith sent a message to the executives, stating that if they did not release him from his contract, he would take his own life.

  48. In the game's original release, the player was given no indication of the amount of health left in their enemies and no indication of the strength of the player's attacks.

  49. Journalists have retrospectively ranked Sonic Adventure among the best Sonic games, and it is recognized as an important release in both the series and the platform genre.

  50. Ion Storm promoted a fall 2000 release date in May, and IGN reported in July that a Dreamcast port of Anachronox was planned for production after the PC version's release.

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