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  1. Pierce fully expected to be renominated by the Democrats.

  2. The Democrats renominated Beckham without opposition in 1920.

  3. Cleveland was renominated at the Democratic convention in St.

  4. On January 24, 2013, Obama renominated Cordray as CFPB director.

  5. Taft was renominated, but Roosevelt supporters bolted the party.

  6. The people of his district posthumously renominated him to Congress.

  7. Kimball was renominated for the bench by President Theodore Roosevelt.

  8. Coolidge and Cox were renominated for their respective offices in 1919.

  9. Hoover was renominated, and Coolidge made several radio addresses in support of him.

  10. The following month, Nixon was renominated at the 1972 Republican National Convention.

  11. He was renominated in 1911, and defeated the same opponent by a slightly larger margin.

  12. His new Democratic-Republican Party renominated Tyler for the presidency on May 27, 1844.

  13. He was renominated at the 1889 state convention in Columbus on the second ballot, as the opposition to him was divided.

  14. The Democrats renominated former President Cleveland, making the 1892 election a rematch of the one four years earlier.

  15. Seward was renominated for a second term by the Whig convention against Democrat William Brock, a former state legislator.

  16. Stevens was easily renominated and reelected in 1850, even though his stance caused him problems among pro-Compromise Whigs.

  17. Despite overwhelming support for Roosevelt in the primaries and polls, the Republicans renominated the incumbent President Taft.

  18. Tyler repeatedly renominated Cushing, who was rejected three times in one day, March 3, 1843, the last day of the 27th Congress.

  19. One of two city council incumbents was renominated and another was defeated by a challenger without the need for an instant runoff.

  20. There was a presidential election in 1900, and McKinley was unanimously renominated at the Republican National Convention that year.

  21. Nevertheless, he wrote that he expected Taft to be renominated by the Republicans in 1912, and did not speak of himself as a candidate.

  22. He fully expected to be renominated by the Democrats in the 1856 presidential election, but was abandoned by his party and his bid failed.

  23. Harrison was renominated on the first ballot, but die-hard Blaine delegates still gave their champion 182 and 1/6 votes, good enough for second place.

  24. Sherman was renominated for Congress in 1860 and was active in Abraham Lincoln's campaign for President, giving speeches on his behalf in several states.

  25. On June 21, McKinley was unanimously renominated and, with Hanna's reluctant acquiescence, Roosevelt was nominated for vice president on the first ballot.

  26. When Johnson renominated Stanbery to return to his position as Attorney General after his service as a defense manager, the Senate refused to confirm him.

  27. When Eisenhower announced his reelection bid in February 1956, he hedged on the choice of his running mate, saying it was improper to address that question until he had been renominated.

  28. McKinley objected to delegate votes being cast for him; nevertheless he finished second, behind the renominated Harrison, but ahead of Blaine, who had sent word he did not want to be considered.

  29. Despite some anti-Sherman feeling in Ohio, the resolution to endorse Sherman was adopted unanimously by the same convention that renominated Foraker, and later that year, the governor was re-elected.

  30. When it became clear Taft would be renominated, Roosevelt and his supporters bolted the party; the former president asked Borah to chair the organizational meeting of his new Progressive Party, but the Idahoan refused.

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