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  1. Ridges have thin stony sandy soils.

  2. Here the ground itself was sandy and unstable.

  3. They are most common in sandy soils (Noling, 2012).

  4. Significant sandy beaches are found only at Sands Key.

  5. It is restricted to sandy soils in the Adelaide region.

  6. The mole favours areas of sandy loam and alluvial sands.

  7. George recommends a sunny position in light, sandy soil.

  8. This martin is often seen perched on wires, and sometimes rests on sandy beaches.

  9. Plants can be pruned hard, and do best on a sandy slightly acid soil of pH 5.5–6.5.

  10. Both sexes have plumage ranging from dull grey to sandy brown, and pale brown legs.

  11. The latter grows on dryer rocky soils while the former grows in wetter sandy soils.

  12. The beach is long and sandy and there is usually quite a strong prevailing NW wind.

  13. Kalinga ornata is nocturnal, reaching sizes of at least 130 mm, and prefers sandy or silty substrate.

  14. Although somewhat resistant to dieback, it does require a well-drained soil, preferably fairly sandy.

  15. In winter it uses a wider range of open habitats including acacia steppe, sandy country and highlands.

  16. Found in sandy soils in the south coastal region of Western Australia in the vicinity of Lake King, B.

  17. Rarely cultivated, Banksia ilicifolia requires a sunny position and sandy well-drained soil to do well.

  18. Army Lieutenant Amiel Whipple surveyed along a sandy wash in the northern part of the Petrified Forest.

  19. Most fossils are preserved as imprints in microbial earths, but a few are preserved within sandy units.

  20. It is widely distributed across the southwest of Western Australia, growing exclusively in sandy soils.

  21. It requires a well-drained slightly acid (pH 5.5–6.5) soil, preferably fairly sandy and a sunny aspect.

  22. It is mainly found on sandy soils in flat or gently sloped areas in shrubland, mallee or open woodland.

  23. This species favours well-drained sandy or loamy acidic soils with a pH of 5.5 to 7, and a sunny aspect.

  24. Pocket gopher abundance is dependent upon an abundance of herbaceous groundcover and loose, sandy soils.

  25. There is still freshwater to be found under the sandy beach, and is believed to have healing properties.

  26. It is sandy grey or brown, with a back patterned like that of the male, and white or whitish underparts.

  27. The ideal soils are sandy and it has better tolerance for infertile and acid soil than most other crops.

  28. The species is more commonly found where sandy substrates are plentiful, but also lives in predominately rocky waterways.

  29. Throughout its range, it grows exclusively in sandy soil, and is usually the dominant plant in scrubland or low woodland.

  30. The false earthstar is an ectomycorrhizal species that grows in association with various trees, especially in sandy soils.

  31. The ship is now a popular dive site in Scapa Flow, lying at a depth of 40 m (130 ft) on a sandy floor to the east of Cava.

  32. In the lower reaches of the bayou the soil changes to sandy and clay loams that support scrub brush, hardwoods, and pines.

  33. Males call at night from perch heights about 1–2 meters, along streams that are usually slow-moving and with a sandy floor.

  34. They form colonies, nesting in burrows tunnelled into vertical sandy banks, often at the side of a river or in flat ground.

  35. Pallid sturgeon are generally bottom feeders, skimming the sandy reaches of the various rivers and streams in their habitat.

  36. It is restricted to various sandy soils, including white, yellow or brown sands, and sand over either laterite or limestone.

  37. The glen runs down to the sea where there is a long partly sandy beach that stretches along the island's north-western coast.

  38. Otherwise, they adapt well to gardens with good drainage, sandy soils and sunny aspects in drier and Mediterranean (winter moisture) climates, and are also frost tolerant.

  39. Eremophila lanata is only known from the type location near Mount Fraser and from near Kumarina in the Gascoyne biogeographic region where it grows in stony red sandy clay.

  40. It is native to an area in the Wheatbelt and Goldfields-Esperance regions of Western Australia where it is commonly situated on sandplains growing in sandy lateritic soils.

  41. The seaside settlement is found in the Pineios river delta and is known for its wide and sandy beaches; its clean, calm waters; and its numerous beach bars and restaurants.

  42. His thoughts on the topic were spurred by his need to regularly change horses because of their inability to endure the long distances and sandy roads he frequently traveled.

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