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  1. She secretly took a class in ballet.

  2. They decide to marry secretly the next day.

  3. Later, he secretly attends Dixie's concert.

  4. Khailin secretly marries the Ninth Sage Lihui.

  5. Cunera's body was secretly buried in a stable.

  6. Li Na, along with Wang and Tian, secretly agreed.

  7. Tomášek was secretly consecrated the very next day.

  8. An episode focuses on Sara and Tiger secretly dating.

  9. Hubbard had secretly requested permission from the U.S.

  10. Bailey), who are secretly living in a barn on the estate.

  11. The following month he became secretly engaged to Louise.

  12. The second time he took the test, he passed by secretly memorizing the eye chart.

  13. Soon afterwards, Joseph Beecham secretly committed his wife to a mental hospital.

  14. Larry and Jeanie are meeting secretly and keeping their budding romance from Bob.

  15. He also provided treatment and medicine to the injured freedom fighters secretly.

  16. Guided by Hameed, Shuha secretly places an amulet under his pillow, enraging Azza.

  17. In 1876, Riel is secretly committed by a friend to a lunatic asylum near Montréal under a false name.

  18. He led a generally happy childhood, but believed his parents secretly desired a daughter in his place.

  19. Henry again refuses, and Pretorius orders the Monster out, secretly signaling him to kidnap Elizabeth.

  20. After Tosh tells her son Clyde that there is no God, Maya rebels by secretly attending Black churches.

  21. The Headmen launched an elaborate scheme to secretly take economic and political control of the world.

  22. During World War II, the landing strip was blocked to prevent enemy planes from secretly landing there.

  23. Glen secretly agrees to take an out-of-court settlement from Paul and he flees Erinsborough with Karen.

  24. Philip then sends her brother to secretly watch over her, while masquerading under the name Valdeburgo.

  25. Henry and Anne were secretly married on 24 or 25 January 1533 in the presence of a handful of witnesses.

  26. Her entrails, removed as part of the embalming process, were buried secretly within Fotheringhay Castle.

  27. She secretly works on a security console in the barracks in an attempt to contact Voyager but is caught.

  28. Before the war he was secretly working for US Army intelligence, photographing German U-boats in Mexico.

  29. In a conversation with Spade, it's revealed that he secretly worked for his half-brother Dail all along.

  30. He was secretly in love with Radhika but had let her go her way when he found out that she married Alok.

  31. A jury later reported how the band "rode armed publicly and secretly in manner of war by day and night".

  32. At the same time, the French minister Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord secretly advised Alexander to resist France.

  33. In March 2008, news reports indicated that Van der Eem was secretly taped after giving an interview for Aruban television.

  34. For several evenings the emperor disguised himself as a commoner and secretly spent the nights in the brothels of Beijing.

  35. Ibn al-Zubayr secretly began taking allegiance in Mecca, though publicly he only called for a shura to elect a new caliph.

  36. The English Secretary of State, Robert Cecil, negotiated secretly with Mary's son and successor, King James VI of Scotland.

  37. After the funeral, fearing the reaction of the populace, the authorities resolved to carry out Catarina's funeral secretly.

  38. Frenzy, disguised as a cellphone, secretly accompanies the group to Hoover Dam and releases Megatron from his frozen state.

  39. On 10 August, Truman secretly requested that additional atomic bombs not be dropped on Japan without his express authority.

  40. Yue's father later followed him secretly to Zhou's tomb after striking him during an argument over his melancholic behavior.

  41. Although outlawed in 1863, the ordeal continued to be practised secretly in Imerina and openly in other parts of the island.

  42. In 2017 it emerged that Charles Haughey had secretly requested that the Royal Air Force fly the bodies direct to Belfast, bypassing the Republic of which he was Taoiseach.

  43. Another major blow was Davis's decision not to allow Hawes to spend $1 million that had been secretly appropriated in August 1861 to help Kentucky maintain its neutrality.

  44. Unknown to Lenin, Zhitomirsky had been secretly working as an agent of the Russian government and quickly informed the Okhrana, who asked the Berlin police to arrest Kamo.

  45. The initials stood for Tea Club and Barrovian Society, alluding to their fondness for drinking tea in Barrow's Stores near the school and, secretly, in the school library.

  46. He secretly bought a farmhouse, Oak View (or Oak Hill), in a rural upland part of the District of Columbia, in 1886, and remodeled it into a Queen Anne style summer estate.

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