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  1. People shifting to the coast have been characterised as:.

  2. It seems to be shifting to a variety form of Caribbean English.

  3. This shifting of style is just one of Ornstein's creative tools.

  4. Talbot explains this scenario as one of shifting political solidarity.

  5. The initial decision was for battles to feature shifting camera angles.

  6. The shifting point of view coincides with the film's subject matter: film-making.

  7. Migratory movements may also reflect seasonally shifting patterns of productivity.

  8. Kitts followed, with the PAM party shifting focus from the sugar industry to tourism.

  9. As a result, he developed a deep understanding of its shifting patterns and dynamics.

  10. The delay allowed the shifting of the trial to the church courts, which Henry opposed.

  11. Barren Island's geography was significantly altered by shifting tides and storms in the 19th century.

  12. The 1943 fabrication and the shifting nature of his accounts figured prominently in the 1954 inquiry.

  13. His artwork made much use of Navajo and Mexican themes and motifs against shifting desert backgrounds.

  14. However, recently there has been substantial criticism of the importance of the shifting balance theory.

  15. Residents generally live in villages of 20 to 60 families and engage in subsistence shifting agriculture.

  16. They were able to adapt to the shifting climate and the resulting changes in animal and plant populations.

  17. It also conducts long-distance seasonal migrations, generally shifting between shallower and deeper water.

  18. There, gale-force winds initially blew out of the southeast before shifting to north midday on September 8.

  19. One of his poems, a sentimental elegy, describes his native village which was buried by shifting sand dunes.

  20. As a consequence, the shifting extensions of material cultures were interpreted as the expansion of peoples.

  21. Much of this progression is due to the changing nature of Presque Isle and its shifting shoreline and dunes.

  22. Climate change may present a long-term threat, by shifting the necessary Alpine habitat to higher altitudes.

  23. They employed themes of patriotism, longing, shifting gender roles, reunion, love, work, community, and family.

  24. Known today as the Headless Pyramid, the ruin had been lost under shifting sands until its rediscovery in 2008.

  25. The natives of this region mostly practised shifting cultivation in the forests, with no permanent settlements.

  26. On colder days, they start and end periods of activity earlier, shifting them into daylight hours, and may become diurnal.

  27. The shifting nature of the filming script meant some sets were designed before it was known what they were to be used for.

  28. That he does not actually succeed in representing the shifting multiplicities of that social experience is beside the point.

  29. He wanders into the deserted "valley of the shifting, whispering sands", and describes its desolate, frightening environment.

  30. A side benefit of this laborious process was the elimination of the usual squeaks from shifting the fingers to change chords.

  31. The pyramid was lost under shifting sands in the early 20th century and its attribution to Menkauhor was consequently debated.

  32. Although they could not fix the problem, they were able to work around it by shifting propellant into the ascent storage tank.

  33. The original temperature measures were made by examining the Doppler shifting of the spectral lines of the atoms in the plasma.

  34. The northern half was paved during World War II; a new road was paved immediately east of Gwinn, shifting the road out of town.

  35. Rocky Mountain News' Dusty Saunders cited the series as an example of the network shifting toward action-adventure programming.

  36. The album represented a drastic change in the singer's musical direction, shifting from her signature dance-pop styles to incorporate elements of electronica and pop rock.

  37. By shifting the scene to an airport, the synthesiser-driven instrumental "On the Run" evokes the stress and anxiety of modern travel, in particular Wright's fear of flying.

  38. Modern Galois theory generalizes the above type of Galois groups by shifting to field theory and considering field extensions formed as the splitting field of a polynomial.

  39. The second was the Roman conquest of the Nabataean capital Petra in 106, shifting control over southern trade routes of the Arabian Peninsula from the Nabataeans to Palmyra.

  40. There was no overall commander, and no authority capable of resolving competing claims for resources, setting priorities, or shifting resources from one command to the other.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word shifting has the following synonyms: shifty, unsteady, unfirm, loose, variable and shift.

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