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  1. It's a bad investment of your time and it encourages sloppy work.".

  2. Loading at Australian ports was frequently disorganised and sloppy.

  3. Beaver lodges built by first-time settlers are typically small and sloppy.

  4. In winning the All American, he led from the start on a sloppy, muddy track.

  5. His time on a sloppy track was just 1⁄5 of a second off the track record.

  6. That day, the track was sloppy and the horse ran seventh behind winner Ruler on Ice.

  7. He was also critical of what he saw as the sloppy approach to typology in Soviet archaeology.

  8. The Irish faced USC at home on October 21, 1989 in what turned into sloppy play by both sides.

  9. Spencer said it featured sloppy continuity, lacked pacing, and was devoid of warmth or humanity.

  10. The prints were sloppy, and the varying breadth of the toe prints indicates that mud had clung to the feet.

  11. Other food items include milkshakes, hot fudge sundaes, seafood salad, turkey sloppy joes, fried pickles, St.

  12. There is no difficulty about bringing him in as he is a caterpillar and can walk over the most sloppy fields".

  13. On June 24, he ran a "bullet", the fastest workout of the day, at 6 furlongs in 1:124⁄5 on a sloppy track.

  14. In 1608, however, he was removed from his position by the Tokugawa shogunate, in an accusation of sloppy governance.

  15. He is a bombastic, sloppy hero from our bombastic, sloppy history, origins undetermined, a folk tale of American success.

  16. Yet that neglect might stem from his style: the crime novels are fast-moving and compelling but sometimes sloppy and uneven.

  17. It rained before the Woodward and the track was sloppy, which Riva Ridge could not handle, so Secretariat was entered in his place.

  18. On July 27, he put in a stunning workout of 1:34 for a mile on a sloppy track, a time that would have broken Saratoga's track record.

  19. Deep ruts in the field and poor weather in the days leading up to the game resulted in a sloppy field covered in large puddles of water.

  20. Wallace and other anti-vaccinationists pointed out that vaccination, which at the time was often done in a sloppy and unsanitary manner, could be dangerous.

  21. Prove Out ran the race of his life that day: his time was the second-fastest mile-and-a-half on the dirt in Belmont Park's history despite the sloppy conditions.

  22. Five and a half months after his last start, American Pharoah began his second season in the Grade II Rebel Stakes on a sloppy track at Oaklawn Park on March 14.

  23. Steve Appleford of the Los Angeles Times wrote that Pinkerton's songs often "are sloppy and awkward, but express a seemingly genuine, desperate search for sex and love".

  24. However, he disliked being whipped, and was notorious for his dislike of wet conditions, performing poorly when asked to run in the mud; his worst races were on sloppy tracks.

  25. While live recordings of songs, such as "Paperback Writer" at the Budokan, were available, Martin believed some of these renditions were sloppy and would not be enjoyable to play.

  26. His class rank was further lowered by poor grades for conduct and leadership, which reflected his sloppy appearance, rebellious attitude, and poor relations with his company officer.

  27. Collider's Haleigh Foutch praised its attempt to expand its universe instead of copying what was previously done, but found its execution sloppy due to a low budget and "pedestrian" human drama.

  28. Although Whitehurst described the FBI's sloppy investigation of the bombing site and its handling of other key evidence, he was unable to point to any direct evidence that he knew to be contaminated.

  29. This typical narrative is that of a sloppy and unfit civilian being knocked into shape by tough officers, whose training is "calculated sadism" but is depicted as fundamentally being on the right side.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word sloppy has the following synonyms: baggy, loose-fitting, loose, boggy, marshy, miry, mucky, muddy, quaggy, sloughy, soggy, squashy, swampy, waterlogged, wet, haphazard, slapdash, slipshod, careless, overemotional, emotional and untidy.

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