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Sovereign in a sentence

Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word sovereign in a sentence.

  1. The sovereign Vaghela rulers include:.

  2. Bali rules as the sovereign king of Patala.

  3. I know I live an unworthy life of a sovereign.

  4. Iraq sovereign country located in Western Asia.

  5. Mactan is assumed to have had its own sovereign.

  6. Thus, both sides of the sovereign had to be changed.

  7. A 1953 sovereign sold at auction in 2014 for £384,000.

  8. Its investors include Australia's sovereign wealth fund.

  9. Several other Privy Councils have advised the sovereign.

  10. John Hyrcanus I recognised Alexander II as his sovereign.

  11. The second division is that of the government, being distinct from the sovereign.

  12. In Scottish matters, the sovereign acts on the advice of the Scottish Government.

  13. For the Anointing, the sovereign is bareheaded, and remains so until the Crowning.

  14. Vija Artmane was born Alīda Artmane at the time when Latvia was a sovereign nation.

  15. The city of Ancona became a Byzantine base in Italy, accepting Manuel as sovereign.

  16. As the daughter of the sovereign, Helena was styled Her Royal Highness The Princess Helena from birth.

  17. The sovereign wears a variety of different robes and other garments during the course of the ceremony.

  18. The sovereign attends the meeting, though their place may be taken by two or more counsellors of state.

  19. The sovereign survived both decimalisation and the Royal Mint's move from London to Llantrisant, Wales.

  20. By convention, however, the sovereign would reappoint all members of the Council after its dissolution.

  21. It now began to meet in the absence of the sovereign, communicating its decisions to him after the fact.

  22. The sovereign, when acting on the Council's advice, is known as the King-in-Council or Queen-in-Council.

  23. The judge directed an acquittal although the sovereign remained legal tender under the Coinage Act 1870.

  24. After the people acclaim the sovereign at each side, the archbishop administers an oath to the sovereign.

  25. The Palestinians will establish their sovereign state on the whole of the 23% of the land of Palestine...

  26. The congress also resolved that Yugoslavia should be a constitutional monarchy headed by a Serb sovereign.

  27. And as in international law and discourse, so in her navy, Brazil seeks to demonstrate her sovereign rank.

  28. The benediction being concluded, the sovereign rises from the Coronation Chair and is borne into a throne.

  29. He founded The Seasteading Institute, a non-profit that explores the creation of sovereign ocean colonies.

  30. The sovereign would then drink to the champion from a gold cup, which he would then present to the latter.

  31. The saint returned to the rarely-struck two- and five-pound pieces in 1887, and was placed on the half sovereign in 1893.

  32. Pole engaged Pistrucci to design new coinage, including the sovereign, which was first issued in 1817 to mixed reactions.

  33. The states are sovereign entities, although subject to certain powers of the Commonwealth as defined by the Constitution.

  34. Edward's Crown, symbolizing that the order is headed by the sovereign, and the reverse is plain except for the word CANADA.

  35. It ruled that the United States was entitled to sovereign immunity against tort claims unless it had been expressly waived.

  36. She was the last British sovereign to veto a parliamentary bill, although her action was barely commented upon at the time.

  37. The war marked the end of the Zanzibar Sultanate as a sovereign state and the start of a period of heavy British influence.

  38. Afrikaans and/or Dutch are the official language of five sovereign countries, which lie in the Americas, Africa and Europe.

  39. Appointees to the order are recommended by an advisory board and formally inducted by the governor general or the sovereign.

  40. Membership of the order is limited to the sovereign, the Prince of Wales, and no more than 24 living members, or Companions.

  41. The Portuguese king, Denis I, refused to pursue and persecute the former knights, as had occurred in all other sovereign states under the influence of the Catholic Church.

  42. Briquel concludes that Saturn was a sovereign god of a time that the Romans perceived as no longer actual, that of the legendary origins of the world, before civilization.

  43. The Congress' stated position was that the princely states were not sovereign entities, and as such could not opt to be independent notwithstanding the end of paramountcy.

  44. Who keeps their sovereign from the lapse of error, in which, by ignorance and not by intent they might have fallen, what thank they deserve, we know, though you may guess.

  45. The state of Virginia has enacted the Virginia Tort Claims Act, which waives the sovereign immunity of the state with respect to actions brought under certain limitations.

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Sovereign's in a sentence

Sovereign's is a variation of sovereign, below you can find example sentences for sovereign's.

  1. The sovereign's official residence in London is Buckingham Palace.

  2. The sovereign's official residence in Scotland is the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

  3. For a fee of 100 guineas (£105), Pistrucci created the sovereign's design, engraving it himself.

  4. Balanced against the sovereign's interests at the border are the Fourth Amendment rights of entrants.

  5. The sovereign's role as a constitutional monarch is largely limited to non-partisan functions, such as granting honours.

  6. The sovereign's lodgings typically stood in the northern part of the rova, while the spouse or spouses lived in the southern part.

  7. Under Ranavalona I and her successors, Besakana served as the residence of the sovereign's relatives during their visits to Ambohimanga.

  8. The badges for inductees are of a similar design to the sovereign's badge, though without precious stones, and slight differences for each grade.

  9. In January 1605, Charles was created Duke of York, as is customary in the case of the English sovereign's second son, and made a Knight of the Bath.

  10. The 2017 collector's piece returned to Pistrucci's original design of 1817 for the modern sovereign's 200th birthday, with the Garter belt and motto.

  11. The speech contains the first record of her adoption of the medieval political theology of the sovereign's "two bodies": the body natural and the body politic:.

  12. Wyon's "Young head" of Queen Victoria for the sovereign's obverse was struck from 1838 until 1887, when it was replaced by the "Jubilee head" by Sir Joseph Boehm.

  13. As was customary among the Lombards, Alboin took the crown after an election by the tribe's freemen, who traditionally selected the king from the dead sovereign's clan.

  14. Appointments are at the sovereign's sole discretion, and are usually in recognition of a national contribution, for public service, or for personal service to the sovereign.

  15. The sovereign's role in popular culture continued: in the 1957 novel From Russia, with Love, Q issues James Bond with a briefcase, the handle of which contains 50 sovereigns.

  16. In part to boost the sovereign's reputation in trade, the Bank undertook a programme of recoinage, melting lightweight gold coins and using the gold for new, full-weight ones.

  17. The Bevato compound in Antananarivo was likewise reserved for the sovereign's wives under the reign of Andrianampoinimerina, but featured many more houses to enable each wife her own residence.

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Sovereignly in a sentence

Sovereignly is a variation of sovereign, below you can find example sentences for sovereignly.

  1. Reformed theologians during this time held a variety of beliefs about predestination, and Bullinger's position is ambiguous, but they agreed that God sovereignly and unconditionally chooses whom to save.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Martyr_Vermigli

Sovereigns in a sentence

Sovereigns is a variation of sovereign, below you can find example sentences for sovereigns.

  1. Women also have worn sovereigns, as bangles or ear rings.

  2. Bullion sovereigns began to be issued again in 2000, and this has continued.

  3. They were also to be the same weight, fineness and value as other sovereigns.

  4. From 1826, the palace slowly fell from favour with the Portuguese sovereigns.

  5. Powerful sovereigns often used the body to circumvent the Courts and Parliament.

  6. Few 1879 sovereigns were struck at London, and those that remain are often well-worn.

  7. Muhammad I, for instance, on occasion declared his fealty to other Muslim sovereigns.

  8. The new sovereigns exacted tribute from Sidon, along with every other Phoenician city.

  9. Coin auction houses deal in rare sovereigns of earlier date, as do specialist dealers.

  10. Melbourne and Perth stopped striking sovereigns after 1931, with Sydney having closed in 1926.

  11. From the kianja sovereigns delivered kabary to announce new laws and decrees and administer justice.

  12. Gold is a soft metal, and the hazards of circulation tended to make sovereigns lightweight over time.

  13. Allen converted five sovereigns from his own pocket into notes, and the workers made no further objection.

  14. The 1932 sovereigns struck at Pretoria were the last to be issued intended as currency at their face value.

  15. Branch mints at Bombay (1918; mint mark "I") and Pretoria (1923–1932; mint mark "SA") also struck sovereigns.

  16. The Merina sovereigns celebrated the new year with an ancient Merina ceremony called the Royal Bath (fandroana).

  17. These were struck to meet the need for sovereigns, and to maintain the skills of the Royal Mint in striking them.

  18. Except for female sovereigns, the next Lady of the Garter named was Queen Alexandra, by her husband King Edward VII.

  19. Beginning in 1829, the Mint was able to eliminate the silver, but the drain on sovereigns from before then continued.

  20. The sovereign was seen in fiction: in Dickens' Oliver Twist, Mrs Bumble is paid for her information with 25 sovereigns.

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Sovereigns—millions in a sentence

Sovereigns—millions is a variation of sovereign, below you can find example sentences for sovereigns—millions.

  1. Although many of the double eagles exported in bulk in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were melted—records show that most sent to the United Kingdom were recoined into sovereigns—millions remained in banks.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_Head_double_eagle

Sovereignties in a sentence

Sovereignties is a variation of sovereign, below you can find example sentences for sovereignties.

  1. He argued that such an action would break the unity of the country and establish as many sovereignties as there were cities.

  2. For much of the 17th century the tussles between the little kings and the big powers, and amongst the little kings, culminated in shifting sovereignties, loyalties, and borders.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_Revolution, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_history_of_Mysore_and_Coorg_(1565–1760)

Sovereigntist in a sentence

Sovereigntist is a variation of sovereign, below you can find example sentences for sovereigntist.

  1. In 1927 he formed a "Board for a Sovereign and Independent Montenegro" and met with a member of the House of Petrović-Njegoš with the same Montenegrin sovereigntist ideas, Milo Petrović-Njegoš.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Petanović

Sovereignty in a sentence

Sovereignty is a variation of sovereign, below you can find example sentences for sovereignty.

  1. Crow Dog had a tremendous impact on tribal sovereignty.

  2. Several countries claim sovereignty in certain regions.

  3. It asserts the national sovereignty of the Irish people.

  4. Today, the sovereignty of the territory remains in dispute.

  5. Hesse Darmstadt lost some territory but not its sovereignty.

  6. Fourteen overseas territories remain under British sovereignty.

  7. Parker's theory of sovereignty implicitly depended on Jean Bodin.

  8. Therefore, sovereignty would still have been transferred to China.

  9. Many claim that Japanese sovereignty only terminated at that point.

  10. Britain retains sovereignty over 14 territories outside the British Isles.

  11. Finland retained its sovereignty and enhanced its international reputation.

  12. Over time, popular sovereignty would give way to the idea of majority rule.

  13. Modern scholars debate whether the Ming dynasty had sovereignty over Tibet.

  14. These documents legitimated the contemporary pharaoh's claim to sovereignty.

  15. The kingdom was divided into several provinces under the sovereignty of Soba.

  16. In a clear evocation of the principle of tribal sovereignty, Matthews stated:.

  17. In fact, the President opposed both bills as infringements on state sovereignty.

  18. More than 70% of the riding voted against sovereignty during the 1995 referendum.

  19. The United Kingdom and Argentina both assert sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.

  20. Chiang also wanted Stalin to respect Chinese sovereignty in the Northeastern China.

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Synonyms for sovereign

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