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Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word sufficiently in a sentence.

  1. By November 1837, he had recovered sufficiently to leave Hawaii.

  2. At higher temperatures tellurium is sufficiently plastic to extrude.

  3. The two were sufficiently successful to attract the notice of James L.

  4. Some birds remain on the Great Lakes if they are sufficiently ice-free.

  5. Slater, who was sufficiently impressed by the paper to have it published.

  6. The name itself is sufficiently unusual to have allowed researchers to speculate.

  7. Over time, more than 200 patients recovered sufficiently to return to their units.

  8. Ingres was sufficiently intrigued by Bertin's personality to accept the commission.

  9. Brand was furious that no one sufficiently senior was available to negotiate a deal.

  10. This mixture is laid on nutrient-rich soil and kept sufficiently moist until fruiting.

  11. While the alligators were sufficiently armoured and well suited to the water, they struggled on land.

  12. He was sufficiently cautious to ask a friend to make a note of the stranger's car registration number.

  13. Test audiences also thought Vigo, the slime, and the associated ghosts were not sufficiently connected.

  14. In 1580, at the age of 25, he was released and was considered sufficiently reformed to preach and teach.

  15. The flesh of the entire mushroom is brittle, and the stem, if bent sufficiently, will snap open cleanly.

  16. Back home, after further surgery he recovered sufficiently to undertake a modest winter concerts season.

  17. If the alloying metal is sufficiently reductive, plutonium can be added in the form of oxides or halides.

  18. The mixture is not sufficiently enriched for efficient nuclear weapons, but can be used once as MOX fuel.

  19. Miller and Gurley considered the preserved parts sufficiently similar to assign the species to Eurypterus.

  20. He was sufficiently successful that several prominent white Kenyans backed KANU in the subsequent election.

  21. The CIA considered Castillo Armas sufficiently corrupt and authoritarian to be well suited to lead the coup.

  22. Brock University in Ontario provides scholarships to Guernsey students who achieve sufficiently high grades.

  23. The Arctic and Atlantic would not be connected by sufficiently deep waters until the early to middle Eocene.

  24. The nest sites are usually sufficiently inaccessible to be beyond the reach of snakes or mammalian predators.

  25. Once sufficiently recovered, Cragh was summoned to appear at Swansea Castle, before Lord and Lady de Briouze.

  26. These photons were sufficiently energetic that they could react with each other to form pairs of electrons and positrons.

  27. Muigai was sufficiently wealthy that he could afford to keep several wives, each living in a separate nyūmba (woman's hut).

  28. On the other hand, the 12-inch belt could have been penetrated if Hood had progressed sufficiently far into her final turn.

  29. If the radius of the circle is sufficiently small, then this membrane looks just like a string in ten-dimensional spacetime.

  30. It turned out that the commanders and the staff were not sufficiently prepared to prepare and execute the retreat manoeuvre.

  31. Beardmore was sufficiently impressed with Shackleton to offer financial support, but other donations proved hard to come by.

  32. For 48 hours they were stopped, held by a sea anchor, until the wind dropped sufficiently for them to raise sail and proceed.

  33. Similarly, extremely poor people may not be deprived if sufficiently strong social networks, or social service systems exist.

  34. He was sufficiently involved in the royal court and government that he was often unable to attend to the needs of his region.

  35. By mid-December 1861 Sherman had recovered sufficiently to return to service under Halleck in the Department of the Missouri.

  36. Time has now sufficiently dispersed the mists of criticism for us to be able to see the truth, to enjoy all his music, and to rejoice in the rich diversity of its panoply.

  37. The symphony was rejected by the Imperial Court, possibly on the grounds that the brief musical references to the Austrian national anthem were not sufficiently prominent.

  38. It is presumed that the clay channels were not sufficiently effective, thus leading to the switch in construction materials and the implementation of stone-lined channels.

  39. It must be abundantly clear to all that they would not have excluded Mr Barnes from an Australian XI capriciously and only for some matter of a sufficiently serious nature.

  40. Bär has argued against this position, noting that the overlap between the Oxyrhynchus and Obbink papyri is sufficiently small (only six characters) as not to be conclusive.

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