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Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word thinks in a sentence.

  1. Len thinks he's got designs on her.

  2. Boy-crazy Libby thinks he's gorgeous.

  3. Khan thinks the caller is Milan Damji.

  4. Ray thinks Len is better off without Rita.

  5. He thinks her husband, Ricardo Mazo, is dead.

  6. Frustrated, she even thinks of ending her life.

  7. Jerry tells Ray he thinks Rita is a gold-digger.

  8. Bagavathi thinks that Guna will be reborn again.

  9. Or at least it's what Poppy thinks is good advice!

  10. Man becomes animal when he thinks he is about to die.

  11. Eddie thinks this will only get him killed and resists.

  12. Rowlands thinks this was the code for leaving the bank.

  13. Trubel thinks they may have buried it in seven churches.

  14. He thinks everything practically and reveals his decision.

  15. He also thinks of himself as Seifer's rival, despite not being the main character.

  16. He consults Hanuman as to whether he thinks they have been sent by his brother Bali.

  17. Because wanderers do not know they are wanderers, Shari now thinks that she is Jean.

  18. Perhaps, he thinks, Plutone, driven by envy, has imposed the condition through spite?

  19. Igoe, writing in The Catholic Herald, thinks that "Formby has a common English touch.

  20. Instead, she only thinks about her mother: because it is her mother who will experience true despair.

  21. Scully thinks his declaration is an effect of the drugs he has been given, rolls her eyes and leaves.

  22. She fears for Jack because Ben thinks that she belongs to him, but Jack shows no worry and kisses her.

  23. Sandhya's older brother hears that the wedding is cancelled and thinks that Vasu abandoned his sister.

  24. However, Simon tells Georgia about the abuse, and in turn, Georgia tells Lily, who thinks she is lying.

  25. Fleming thinks Hemingway regarded Green Hills of Africa as experimental and A Moveable Feast as fiction.

  26. But, once he has made a wrong decision, he can't control everything in his life, as he thinks he is weak.

  27. Ideological barriers are created by pre-conceived ideas and the way an individual thinks about the world.

  28. Historian Paul Hoffman thinks that they were probably household servants or craftsmen and not field hands.

  29. Buffy was in fact at peace, in what she thinks was heaven, but she has kept this a secret from her friends.

  30. Todd thinks local mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is responsible for the deaths and seeks revenge.

  31. The guard tells Cecily, "He's a maniac who thinks he's a cat, and tears his victims like they were canaries!

  32. Geraldene Holt, who thinks Grigson's prose is both lyrical and robust, describes Grigson's writing style as:.

  33. However, he thinks Hemingway had good material to work with and some skeletal thematic structures show promise.

  34. Nick wants to change everyone's opinion of him and thinks that seducing Diane will get other staff on his side.

  35. An-Mei tells her that Ted has been cheating on her, which Rose thinks is absurd, but she later discovers this to be true.

  36. According to Roosevelt, "That would bring the country to such a state by 1940 that Long thinks he would be made dictator.".

  37. Tosca enters and suspiciously asks Cavaradossi what he has been doing she thinks that he has been talking to another woman.

  38. When asked by Sweet what she thinks about life, Buffy gives her pessimistic take on its meaning ("Something to Sing About").

  39. However, McCloskey has stated himself that he thinks of himself as an artist who writes children's books and not vice versa.

  40. Clarke privately tells Warren that he thinks Elizabeth is innocent and that he is not sure that the pair are doing God's work.

  41. He declined to reveal who he thinks is behind the attack saying he "was receiving corresponding letters" prior to the incident.

  42. On the one hand he must not enforce whatever he thinks best; he must leave that to the common will expressed by the government.

  43. McGann thinks to rescue Keats from the imputation of political naïveté by saying that he was a radical browbeaten into quietism".

  44. Nick asks his father questions about birth and death, and thinks to himself that he will never die, as he watches his father row.

  45. As Francesco collapses and dies, the funeral home employee takes Teodora, whom he thinks to be Anna's corpse, returns to the cemetery and places her in a coffin for burial.

  46. Now if everyone thinks along these lines and does all the small jobs to the best of their ability that’s honesty, then the world would be better and football will be better.

  47. Pepper album one thinks not simply of the history of popular music but the history of this century." In his December 1967 column for Esquire, Robert Christgau described Sgt.

  48. Alf tells Betty Turpin (Betty Driver) that Rita's house is due for demolition and Len is on the housing committee, hence the reason he thinks she's showing an interest in him.

  49. However, he thinks that all of the outtakes from the record have already been released although there might be a few things that the band left unfinished that could be released.

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