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  1. There was no way to be sure how events would develop.

  2. I'm still too amped up on 5-Hour Energy to be sure.".

  3. Zimbabwe had to beat Austria to be sure of winning the gold.

  4. The pragmatics of a scientific theory can, to be sure, be pursued without recourse to Christ.

  5. His paper on Glen Roy had proved embarrassingly wrong, and he may have wanted to be sure he was correct.

  6. The situation was made worse in that many early descriptions were so vague it was impossible to be sure of the species.

  7. Although Pop completed The Idiot by August 1976, Bowie wanted to be sure he had his own album in stores before the release.

  8. The ruins of the west range at Netley are too fragmentary to be sure of their purpose in the latter part of the medieval period.

  9. In 1929 at the age of 30, as he had announced, Rigaut shot himself, using a ruler to be sure the bullet would pass through his heart.

  10. As Reach ends with the destruction of the titular planet, Bungie wanted to be sure players still felt a sense of accomplishment and success.

  11. The girls could speak no French and Day employed no English-speaking servants, to be sure that he would be the only person to influence them.

  12. There were occasions in some towns in Texas when we'd have to be sure to have a police guard because somebody'd always try to take a crack at him.

  13. Vermeule deemed the $50 coins "a tour de force, dated to be sure, but unusual enough in all respects to be worthy of what American numismatic art could achieve".

  14. In parts of Southeast Asia, migrating Pacific swifts pass through the resident ranges of former subspecies, and good views are then necessary to be sure of correct identification.

  15. But, since there was no assurance that the submarine would make it, MacArthur decided to continue, departing in daylight at 18:00 so as to be sure to meet their air transport there.

  16. Nevertheless, he "proposed forgiveness" for the "mighty tower", which "positively helps the famous skyline of Oxford", adding that it has "enough identity to be sure that one day it will find affection".

Synonyms for to be sure

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