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  1. Lowry's work alongside travelling exhibitions.

  2. Ipswich took 6,000 travelling fans to the game.

  3. Titian disliked travelling and refused the offers.

  4. Jones continued travelling when his health permitted.

  5. From then on the downward slope made travelling easier.

  6. He again went travelling, accepting an invitation from H.

  7. Most of the day is spent feeding, resting, and travelling.

  8. While he was still travelling, the First World War broke out.

  9. An angry Borat accidentally reveals his real motive for travelling to California.

  10. A permit is not required if travelling straight through the park without stopping.

  11. After travelling with Edward Cave to Somerset, the Ooser went missing around 1897.

  12. She has promoted education for girls, travelling to Bangladesh and Zambia to do so.

  13. Henry of Huntingdon says that Alexander picked up his last illness while travelling.

  14. A trial migration using tagged birds confirmed the risks presented to travelling birds by pesticides.

  15. Landing Ship Tank LST-469 as they were travelling in Convoy GP55 off the New South Wales north coast.

  16. On two occasions, Gibraltar's guns unsuccessfully fired on two U-boats travelling through the Strait.

  17. He began to have shivering attacks and perspiration while travelling from Marseilles on the way home.

  18. He died in a car accident in 1989, aged 86, while travelling to his country residence, Treago Castle.

  19. Her childhood was spent with her parents, travelling between a variety of royal residences in Britain.

  20. Meryon was a travelling companion with Michael Bruce and Lady Hester Stanhope, one of Byron's friends.

  21. This is a half-diamond interchange that only serves traffic travelling to or from areas further north.

  22. The K and K1 classes suffered from stability problems when travelling at speed over points and curves.

  23. Day-to-day killer whale behaviour generally consists of foraging, travelling, resting and socializing.

  24. Poulenc began the 1950s with a new partner in his private life, Lucien Roubert, a travelling salesman.

  25. Butler toured Britain in 1870, travelling 3,700 miles to attend 99 meetings in the course of the year.

  26. Sarah found life travelling the royal courts difficult, remarking that they were full of dull company.

  27. York finished in last place in 1909–10, before joining the Yorkshire Combination to reduce travelling.

  28. They camped on Molly's Island in Smoke Lake, travelling to Canoe, Smoke, Ragged, Crown and Wolf Lakes.

  29. Two weeks later he received from the instructing sheriff a cheque for his travelling expenses, but not his execution fee.

  30. As he was frequently travelling and playing in England between 1885 and 1890, Gould was not a regular member of the team.

  31. Besides, what can be so delightful as the perpetual novelty—the exhaustless current of new ideas suggested by travelling?

  32. Little Tich became interested in the travelling performers whom his father often employed to entertain guests at the inn.

  33. Rabid wolves usually act alone, travelling large distances and often biting large numbers of people and domestic animals.

  34. While she and her husband were travelling in the Bahamas, she was banned from returning to the US, and was refused a visa.

  35. Like other ceratopsians, this dinosaur may have been a herd animal, travelling in large groups, as suggested by bone beds.

  36. In this state of uncertainty, early in 1931, the comedian decided to take a holiday and ended up travelling for 16 months.

  37. Some bird species undertake shorter migrations, travelling only as far as is required to avoid bad weather or obtain food.

  38. The area's inhabitants were semi-nomadic, travelling from Stewart Island/Rakiura in the south and inland to Central Otago.

  39. Passengers using single journey cards are charged ₱15 for travelling 0 to 4.00 kilometers; ₱20 for 4.01 to 9.00 kilometers; or ₱30 for distances more than 9.00 kilometers.

  40. At his monasteries and dioceses he built churches in a style akin to that of the continent and Rome, travelling between them with a large entourage of up to 120 followers.

  41. An American contractor travelling on an Australian C-130 in Iraq was killed on 27 June 2004 when the aircraft was struck by gunfire shortly after it took off from Baghdad.

  42. George and Nicole compile their clues with the help of André, and learn that the Neo-Templars are travelling to a site under the ruins of a church in Bannockburn, Scotland.

  43. These reflect subthreshold membrane potentials and strongly modulate the spiking of hippocampal neurons and synchronise across the hippocampus in a travelling wave pattern.

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