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  1. The design subject is treaties with tribal nations.

  2. On November 29, President Báez signed the treaties.

  3. The species is protected by international treaties.

  4. This first of feelings these treaties utterly annihilate.

  5. After 1947, India signed new treaties with Nepal and Bhutan.

  6. By 1851, treaties between Native American tribes and the U.S.

  7. None of the early treaties addressed hunting and fishing rights.

  8. On December 21, the treaties were placed before Grant and his cabinet.

  9. The Germans opposed these plans due to their peace treaties with Lenin.

  10. It cannot be based on treaties...in which the states...act and vote as states".

  11. Although it was not adopted, many ideas were later implemented by other treaties.

  12. The tribes turned to the courts for enforcement of their rights under the treaties.

  13. Finally, Parliament holds a non-binding vote on new EU treaties but cannot veto it.

  14. The treaties also inhibited development by imposing upper limits on the weights of ships.

  15. In the decades following the signings of these treaties, their terms were rarely honored.

  16. From there, the government and Santa Anna traveled to Velasco for the signing of treaties.

  17. A dam that size would have its reservoir encroach into Canada, which would violate treaties.

  18. Sumner sent the treaties for a full Senate vote, while Grant personally lobbied other senators.

  19. Subsequent similar treaties with other Western countries brought economic and political crises.

  20. Marcian almost immediately revoked all treaties with Attila, ending all subsidy payments to him.

  21. In 1825 and 1827, the treaties of Prairie du Chien and Butte des Morts answered boundary questions.

  22. Grant ordered Fish to draw up formal treaties, sent to Báez by Babcock's return to the island nation.

  23. The War of the Spanish Succession was finally settled in 1713 by a series of treaties and agreements.

  24. It has the power to review legislation, treaties and international agreements prior to their adoption.

  25. As a condition of several treaties, the federal government agreed to provide for Indigenous education.

  26. This was thwarted by Napoleon's victory at Austerlitz on 2 December 1805 and the treaties that followed.

  27. Hayes vetoed the bill, believing that the United States should not abrogate treaties without negotiation.

  28. In over seven years Calhoun supervised the negotiation and ratification of 40 treaties with Indian tribes.

  29. He attacked the British pre-war faith in the sanctity of treaties as delusional and concluded by claiming:.

  30. These conflicts turned into warfare, and several treaties were signed in an attempt to end the hostilities.

  31. However, Haider Ali was betrayed by the Marathas and the Nizam, who made treaties with the British as well.

  32. They could also be induced to serve the empire against its enemies by way of gifts, subsidies, and treaties.

  33. From this point on the history of Lithuania is recorded in chronicles, treaties, and other written documents.

  34. The questions the League considered in its early years included those designated by the Paris Peace treaties.

  35. These treaties are agreements between the Canadian Crown-in-Council with the duty to consult and accommodate.

  36. Initially, the Peace Conference organisers had planned to draw up the treaties based on the plenary sessions.

  37. When agreeing on treaties and other important affairs of state, mead was often presented as a ceremonial gift.

  38. The town was rebuilt the following year, after DeWitt negotiated peace treaties with the Karankawa and Tonkawa.

  39. Various treaties and case laws were established to mediate relations between Europeans and many Indigenous peoples.

  40. A common complaint amongst the tribes was that the men who had signed the treaties did not represent the whole tribe.

  41. Other agreements with area tribes included the treaties of Medicine Creek, Point Elliott, Neah Bay, and Point No Point.

  42. The tribe had made several treaties with the United States, the most significant being the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie.

  43. Prompted by Grant to stop stalling the treaties, Sumner's committee took action but rejected the bills by a 5-to-2 vote.

  44. The borders of the territory were not clearly defined until treaties between Spain and France in the early 20th century.

  45. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the new French territory did not recognize the authority of the treaties imposed upon them.

  46. The United States, however, insisted on dealing with the tribes individually, getting each to sign separate land treaties.

  47. In the 1850s, the US government entered into a series of treaties with the American Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest.

  48. American Indians who were unhappy about the loss of Kentucky in treaties saw the war as a chance to drive out the colonists.

  49. He signed treaties with the Cherokee and Chickasaw which gained for the United States large parts of Tennessee and Kentucky.

  50. The subsequent Peace of Pressburg, signed on 26 December 1805, reinforced the earlier treaties of Campo Formio and Lunéville.

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