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Unending in a sentence

Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word unending in a sentence.

  1. All either could see was unending Barrier surface.

  2. The applause at the end of the screening was unending.

  3. In his memoir, he paid tribute to her influence on his work: "Her aesthetic responsiveness was unending ..

  4. The veneration of Mary reached a peak in the early 15th century, an era that saw an unending demand for works depicting her likeness.

  5. According to the Duke of Windsor, the experience of "the unending scenes of horror" during the First World War led him to support appeasement.

  6. The general had pledged that his door would always be open to his old soldiers, but others came as well, and he hosted an unending series of guests.

  7. Windsor himself later contextualised his position in the 1930s as being a reaction to what he termed "the unending scenes of horror" of the First World War.

  8. In contrast, the latter section portrays a different fate for souls that have been forsaken: who are relegated to an unending, desolate struggle for renewed existence.

  9. Though seriously outgunned he begins a lone guerrilla war across time, in pasts unheard of and futures undreamed off, to free humanity from the immortal’s unending grip".

  10. The Marx Brothers films were a staple for Juster as a child and his father would quote lengthy passages from the movies; this inspired the unending series of straight-faced puns that fills the book.

  11. Lactantius charged that Maximian defiled senators' daughters and traveled with young virgins to satisfy his unending lust, though Lactantius' credibility is undermined by his general hostility towards pagans.

Synonyms for unending

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word unending has the following synonyms: ageless, aeonian, eonian, eternal, everlasting, perpetual, unceasing, permanent and lasting.

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