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  1. The rugby union side Sale F.C.

  2. She also joined the nursing union.

  3. The union would produce one son, Maldon.

  4. In July 1990, monetary union was achieved.

  5. There were a son and a daughter from the union.

  6. The union held its first conference in May 1898.

  7. The owners immediately worked to crush the union.

  8. Labour party politician and trade union leader J.

  9. A Bulgarian–Romanian union was never established.

  10. Soon, over one-third of the members left the union.

  11. Phillips bested Louis Vignola, a labor union official.

  12. Francis did eventually return to rugby union as a coach.

  13. The IBT pushed for the NFLPA to join the trucking union.

  14. Other teams quickly followed, and the union capitulated.

  15. Upon their arrival at Chennai, Aras delivers Nalla's cheque to the union workers.

  16. A pumapard is a hybrid animal resulting from a union between a puma and a leopard.

  17. Jonah Lomu is generally regarded as the first true global superstar of rugby union.

  18. The union members were reluctant to fight both the invasion and their own military.

  19. Federalism in India defines the power distribution between the union and the states.

  20. The regency, and especially Stambolov, supported initiatives for a Bulgarian–Romanian personal union.

  21. William's death thus ended the personal union of Britain and Hanover, which had persisted since 1714.

  22. Participants of the Szczecin strike demanded freely elected worker councils and union representatives.

  23. Reuther Freeway, named for the prominent auto industry union head by the Michigan Legislature in 1971.

  24. Charlie Bryan, the head of the IAM, said that the union would accept the deal only if Borman resigned.

  25. From this time onward she subordinated her life to her union work and to the wider cause of socialism.

  26. The only difference is that the above sense permits degenerate circles which are the union of two lines.

  27. Affleck has described himself as "moderately liberal." He was raised in "a very strong union household".

  28. For political reasons, the union remained secret and Fitzherbert promised not to reveal it.</ref>.

  29. In Europe and the US, communist parties were formed, generally allied with trade union and labor causes.

  30. The union had opposed the war and urged members and others to refuse conscription into the armed forces.

  31. Travancore and Cochin were merged in the middle of 1949 to form the princely union of Travancore-Cochin.

  32. It is not a conventional symphony, but rather an extended meditation on the joy of human union and love.

  33. Old Trafford hosted its first rugby union international in 1997, when New Zealand defeated England 25–8.

  34. During the dispute, union members violently attempted to prevent strikebreakers from entering the mills.

  35. The stadium also hosts rugby union fixtures, including those of the national team, as well as concerts and public events.

  36. The rainbow is seen as a resplendent symbol of the union of yang and yin; it serves therefore as an emblem of a marriage.

  37. Reuther, former leader of the United Auto Workers labor union after he and his wife died in a plane crash on May 9, 1970.

  38. It consisted of Chief Justice Arthur Sifton, mining executive Lewis Stockett, and miners' union executive William Haysom.

  39. Brandle organized picket lines of loyal union men, and the two sides frequently fought in the streets or in the work area.

  40. The independent states within the Commonwealth would share the same monarch in a relationship likened to a personal union.

  41. The year 1909 saw the opening of Twickenham Stadium as the RFU's new home, heralding a golden era for English rugby union.

  42. He also could not accept the Lutheran doctrine of sacramental union in which Christ was "in, with and under" the elements.

  43. Dating from 1901, the Bristol Combination and its 53 clubs promote rugby union in the city and help support Bristol Bears.

  44. In February 1938, Hitler began to press the Austrian government to accept "Anschluß," or union between Germany and Austria.

  45. As there were no priests at Quaker weddings to perform the ceremony, the union took the form of a civil marriage approved by the principals and the witnesses at a meeting.

  46. The high-water mark of rugby union in Northern England was the 1979 New Zealand tour during which the English Northern Division was the only team to defeat the All Blacks.

  47. Attorney Ed Garvey was hired by the NFLPA in 1971 to act as their first executive director, and the NFLPA became officially certified as a union by the NLRB the same year.

  48. He sought to shift control of the ALP from union officials to the parliamentary party, and hoped even rank-and-file party members could be given a voice in the conference.

  49. She was largely unsuccessful in her campaign for more women to be added to the company's management and was silent about the company's famously anti-labor union practices.

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