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  1. This causes Levi to unleash erratic emotions on the last titan remaining.

  2. About to unleash a force with terrible powers, beyond the comprehension of man.

  3. When asked to move to the front, the horse did not unleash his usual burst of speed.

  4. Before the Eden Corps could unleash the germ on Metropolis, the Green Arrow intervened.

  5. Others are vengeful and angry, and will unleash terror on the village unless they are propitiated.

  6. As he maneuvered his vessel, Pitot was able to unleash a broadside aimed at Constellation's rigging.

  7. These themes are repeated a half-step lower; then march-like triplet-rhythms unleash a flood of virtuosity.

  8. Consuming food and drink items restores health, and picking up mice increases the chance to unleash a critical hit.

  9. The situation was now precarious and violence appeared likely as the rebels prepared to unleash a volley of arrows.

  10. According to critic Des O'Driscoll, Donnelly "helped unleash the quirky originality that became a feature of the Cork music scene".

  11. If the field is purely one color, characters are able to unleash a powerful summon element at the cost of one of the player's stars.

  12. For example, the Soul of Hades imbues the Blades with purple flames and can unleash souls of the Underworld to briefly attack enemies.

  13. Elements unleash magic effects upon the enemy or party and must be equipped for use, much like the materia of 1997's Final Fantasy VII.

  14. In theory, a line of battleships so equipped could unleash a devastating volley of torpedoes on an enemy line steaming a parallel course.

  15. The game also introduced charged melee attacks, which allowed characters to unleash a powerful physical strike after a short charging period.

  16. The player can press the 'A' button to use physical strikes, while the 'B' button allows the player to unleash a variety of energy-based attacks.

  17. Goebbels justified the violence towards the Jews as a preemptive strike against the extreme violence that they supposedly planned to unleash upon Germany.

  18. The game is set at a time when Mana starts to fade and peace has ended, as several people plot to unleash the Benevodons from the stones so as to gain ultimate power.

  19. Gary Peel, the British coach, "preparing to unleash his best impression of Sir Alex Ferguson's hairdryer on his beleaguered team", was scathing about their performance.

  20. Once a player has stored up enough blue orbs (which usually require several "Orb Attacks"), he or she can unleash a super-devastating, screen-clearing "Orb Spark" attack.

  21. Anyone who doubts the power the silverites were ready to unleash in a disciplined and irresistible attack needs only to read the results of the election of temporary chairman.

  22. Thanatos, however, kills Deimos, causing Kratos to fly into an uncontrollable rage out of grief and unleash his true power on Thanatos, allowing Kratos to finally destroy him.

  23. As well as offering some protection for those inside, a siege tower could overlook the interior of a castle, giving bowmen an advantageous position from which to unleash missiles.

  24. When the meter is full, characters can physically attack enemies, use MysTech magic, unleash BattleSkill attacks, use items, move to a different position, or use a nearby object to attack, if present.

  25. By definition it contains nothing unfamiliar; and yet this very fact offers great potential beauty, for a well-made greatest hits LP might then unleash the emotion of familiarity in an artistic context.

  26. Noticing the direction and strength of the wind, Fauconberg ordered all Yorkist archers to step forward and unleash a volley of their arrows from what would be the standard maximum range of their longbows.

  27. His powerful hindquarters allowed him to unleash "devastating" speed and because he was so well-muscled and had significant cardiac capacity, he could simply out-gallop competitors at nearly any point in a race.

  28. Although he has the initial cooperation from ARCAM personnel, Iwao Akatsuki—who had been targeted for termination by Markson, Yu Ominae, and Jean Jacquemonde arrive and foil Markson's attempt to unleash the Fire Snake.

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