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Unofficial in a sentence

Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word unofficial in a sentence.

  1. These were considered an unofficial U.K.

  2. The unofficial term Viceroy was also common.

  3. Bush to sign an unofficial non-aggression pact.

  4. Many unofficial bootlegs have surfaced on eBay.

  5. The role of "enforcer" on a hockey team is unofficial.

  6. Havel made Zappa an unofficial cultural attaché instead.

  7. There were also several unofficial reports of tornadoes.

  8. He also appeared in three unofficial matches for Morocco.

  9. An unofficial port for the Game Boy Color was made in 2016.

  10. HBO's unofficial scorekeeper Harold Lederman scored the fight 97-93 for Gonzalez.

  11. An unofficial count yields the participation of 70 male athletes from 8 countries.

  12. An unofficial launch for canoes and kayaks is available at the undeveloped Helen L.

  13. Gulshan Kumar sold an unofficial version of the soundtrack under his T-Series label.

  14. While other countries have unofficial economic and cultural relations with the ROC:.

  15. Representative Office of South Ossetia, Donetsk is an unofficial diplomatic mission of South Ossetia.

  16. Vasan's Apoorva Sagodharargal (1949), also a success, is considered an unofficial sequel of the film.

  17. An unofficial U.S.-Dutch treaty that Lee helped draft became the cause of the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War.

  18. Around their third unofficial match in 1902, the choice was made for a "shirt with national colours ..

  19. A reliable but unofficial wind station at a commercial building reported a gust of 107 mph (172 km/h).

  20. An unofficial two-CD tribute album, Nights: Lucid Dreaming, was released by OverClocked ReMix in 2011.

  21. During the negotiations, the younger Forster decided to release an unofficial account of their travels.

  22. Their songs “MSD2” and “Din toata inima” are viewed by some as unofficial national anthems for Romania.

  23. In 2008, female rapper Nicki Minaj released an unofficial remix of "Single Ladies" with two rap verses.

  24. In spite of this ban, more than 150 unofficial international matches were played in the 1950s and 1960s.

  25. The use of unofficial retired numbers drew controversy during Steve Spurrier's first year as head coach.

  26. The franchise is also known for its fandom that produces unofficial media, such as fan art and fangames.

  27. Macedonia played its first unofficial game on 27 March 2011 against Red Star Sofia of Bulgaria in Skopje.

  28. He had previously performed on unofficial remixes of Rihanna's "We Found Love" and "Where Have You Been".

  29. In 1926, they codified that women in summer school had an unofficial status and could not pursue a degree.

  30. In 2008, an unofficial Doctor Who novel Time's Champion was published, written by Chris McKeon and the late Craig Hinton.

  31. About 100 towns sent delegates to the convention, which was effectively an unofficial session of the Massachusetts House.

  32. Although he died before the formal establishment of the Group of Seven, Thomson is often considered an unofficial member.

  33. The song was an unofficial anthem for Chinese youth and activists during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre.

  34. Cartela and Togo regularly competed in an unofficial race held on Christmas Day until 1931, and both won five races each.

  35. Romney had urged Mitt to enter the race and moved into his son's house for its duration, serving as an unofficial advisor.

  36. The unofficial usage of the name "FX" originated within Holden, referring to the updated suspension on the 48–215 of 1953.

  37. When she was 12, she covered 110 yards in 1 minute (min) 7.1 seconds, setting an unofficial world record for her age group.

  38. Shortly after the university officially cancelled Bonfire, students began planning an unofficial bonfire for November 2002.

  39. Following the series' cancellation, fans started Sonic the Comic Online, an unofficial webcomic that continues the stories.

  40. Although World War II hindered international football events in the 1940s, the Belgian team remained active with unofficial matches against squads of other allied nations.

  41. In chess, the Morphy number describes a player's connection to Paul Morphy, widely considered the greatest chess player of his time and an unofficial World Chess Champion.

  42. Diệm's achievements and support for Catholics were particularly praised by Bob Santamaria, the unofficial leader and guiding influence of the Democratic Labor Party (DLP).

  43. The 31 January take, which had slightly different lyrics and was recorded with Johns in an unofficial producer's role, was used in the film, subsequently titled Let It Be.

  44. The highest official rainfall total peaked at 2.5 inches (64 mm) at Orlando Executive Airport, though unofficial totals reached as high as 4.8 inches (122 mm) in Rockledge.

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Unofficially in a sentence

Unofficially is a variation of unofficial, below you can find example sentences for unofficially.

  1. It became unofficially known as the 'Iron Church'.

  2. However, some people continue to do the walk unofficially.

  3. This name remained in use, though unofficially, until the 1950s.

  4. Tradition has it that Zinzendorf unofficially adopted him as his father.

  5. The appearance of women on the stage began unofficially during the 1870s.

  6. At that point, the operation became unofficially known as the "English Mine".

  7. This locomotive was unofficially known as Irish Pete, a nod to its original use.

  8. This variant is unofficially referred to by Abrams tank crews as the "super sabot".

  9. Government representatives aided the film's distribution officially and unofficially.

  10. An unofficially altered Justin Bieber song served as inspiration for the Slo-Mo theme.

  11. Baseball at the Summer Olympics unofficially debuted at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St.

  12. The "war" unofficially ended on December 14, 1836, at a second convention in Ann Arbor.

  13. Around this time, the storm was identified by researchers and unofficially named Katie.

  14. In response, nearly 1,000 conference attendees organized to unofficially censure Hodson.

  15. Wind gusts were stronger, unofficially reaching 61 miles per hour (98 km/h) at Ocracoke.

  16. A Baghdad Red Cross official unofficially estimated that up to 800 civilians were killed.

  17. Prior to 1950, the Big Ten was unofficially called the Western Conference or the Big Nine.

  18. The emu is popularly but unofficially considered as a faunal emblem the national bird of Australia.

  19. Some numbers are unofficially retired and are usually withheld from being selected by other players.

  20. The election was close, unofficially 131,199–128,677 (50.5%–49.5%), official margin of victory 3,232.

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Synonyms for unofficial

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word unofficial has the following synonyms: drumhead, summary, informal, loose, unauthorized, unauthorised, wildcat, unsanctioned and unconfirmed.

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