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  1. All of these are unrestricted.

  2. Kovalchuk became an unrestricted free agent on 1 July 2010.

  3. Following the season, Howard became an unrestricted free agent.

  4. Coleman became an unrestricted free agent after the 2014 season.

  5. In Area 1, the unrestricted encompasses pits 3-23, except the pit 19.

  6. Chief among these was gaining unrestricted access to the Pacific Ocean.

  7. By January, the King had relented and allowed Caroline unrestricted access.

  8. An unrestricted version of the video was later uploaded to Rihanna's official website.

  9. He became an unrestricted free agent after completing his one-year contract with the Chiefs.

  10. This rendered him an unrestricted free agent, and ended the brief reunion between him and St.

  11. Since this production "the assumption of unrestricted interpretive license has become the norm".

  12. After many decades of unrestricted clear-cut logging, serious efforts toward conservation began.

  13. On 17 December the Kings terminated Kovalchuk's contract and he became an unrestricted free agent.

  14. As well as being unrestricted by gender, no racial distinctions were made in conferring noble status.

  15. The college's attorney said the college would continue the process of closing, using unrestricted funds.

  16. The unrestricted linear energy transfer is identical to linear electronic stopping power, as discussed below.

  17. In 1868, the Senate had ratified the Burlingame Treaty with China, allowing unrestricted immigration from China.

  18. On July 1, Emery became an unrestricted free agent as his injury deemed him unable to play until he recuperated.

  19. Membership is unrestricted by race or gender, and academic achievement is not considered in the selection criteria.

  20. Plosives are generally unrestricted, with the exception of the voiced bilabial and voiced retroflex aspirated stops.

  21. After he signed with Salavat Yulaev, the Senators chose to not make the offer, making him an unrestricted free agent.

  22. The former is unrestricted in its occurrence, unlike the latter, which can only occur word-medially and word-finally.

  23. As part of the US response to Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare, Connecticut was recommissioned on 3 October 1916.

  24. It has been suggested that the Duke of Wellington allowed her "almost unrestricted access to the secrets of the cabinet".

  25. He considered the locked camera view restrictive when compared to the unrestricted 3D camera in the game's contemporaries.

  26. He became an unrestricted free agent after the season ended, but was not asked back by the Patriots, ending his tenure there.

  27. Kieffer Bellows (born June 10, 1998) is an American professional ice hockey forward who is currently an unrestricted free agent.

  28. As a result, the Canucks did not tender Schroeder a qualifying offer when the season ended, making him an unrestricted free agent.

  29. In a narrower sense, this means the consistency and definiteness of pedagogical form and an unrestricted knowledge of teaching methods.

  30. On 12 February 1858, Paranhos signed a treaty with Paraguay which allowed Brazilian ships unrestricted navigation of Paraguayan rivers.

  31. In 1868, the Senate had ratified the Burlingame Treaty with China, allowing an unrestricted flow of Chinese immigrants into the country.

  32. In 1868 the Senate had ratified the Burlingame Treaty with China, allowing an unrestricted flow of Chinese immigrants into the United States.

  33. The FVPC Act gives the OFLC the power to classify publications into three categories: unrestricted, restricted, and "objectionable" or banned.

  34. Sanger, a proponent of diaphragms, was concerned that unrestricted access would result in ill-fitting diaphragms and would lead to medical quackery.

  35. Merchant ships were regularly sunk by the German Navy from the outset of the war, particularly after Germany commenced unrestricted submarine warfare.

  36. After his 2003 campaign, Kearse was unable to reach an agreement with the Titans after his contract expired, and thus became an unrestricted free agent.

  37. Both sides turned to positional warfare, laying fields of naval mines, and Germany resumed the unrestricted submarine warfare campaign early in the year.

  38. The encyclical supported the right to form unions, rejected socialism, communism and unrestricted capitalism, and affirmed the right to private property.

  39. Wisconsin formerly had virtually unrestricted trapping of painted turtles but based on qualitative observations forbade all commercial harvesting in 1997.

  40. The context was the difficulty maintaining external balance without sacrificing two sacrosanct political values, jobs for all and unrestricted labor rights.

  41. In the 1970s, oil wealth and the relatively unrestricted import of cheap tape and recorders led to an extraordinary boom of the Indonesian cassette industry.

  42. Fleury was due to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, and the Flames did not want to risk losing him without getting anything in return.

  43. Late in the evening, the Presidency of Yugoslavia met and decided on "special measures" for Kosovo that effectively instituted an unrestricted state of emergency.

  44. Article 6 requires manufacturers to ‘provide unrestricted and standardised access to vehicle repair and maintenance information’ should there be any non-compliance.

  45. The first option was for the pair to enter the 1999 Draft and not sign with their respective NHL clubs for two years, allowing them to become unrestricted free agents.

  46. The Scaliger tombs in Verona are magnificent free-standing Gothic canopied tombs—they are outside the church in a special enclosure, and so are unrestricted in height.

  47. The first option was for the pair to enter the 1999 draft and not sign with their respective NHL clubs for two years, allowing them to become unrestricted free agents.

  48. Citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies (CUKCs) had the unrestricted right to enter and live in the UK, although non-white immigration was systemically discouraged.

  49. However, with Fleury due to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, the Flames did not want to chance losing him without getting anything in return.

  50. After the beginning of unrestricted submarine warfare in February 1917, Capelle argued that capital ship construction should not be halted in favor of U-boat construction.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word unrestricted has the following synonyms: all-weather, discretionary, open, open-plan, open-ended, free, nonsensitive, unclassified, unexclusive, public and unmodified.

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