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  1. A hardy and versatile garden plant, B.

  2. Kanakadasa was versatile in many native metres.

  3. Gabbia has been described as a versatile player.

  4. These rails are versatile and opportunist foragers.

  5. Barnes was also a substitute wicket-keeper and a versatile fieldsman.

  6. The thylacine was less versatile in its diet than the omnivorous dingo.

  7. The carillon has a dynamic range similar to a piano, if not more versatile.

  8. Although Trott was a versatile batsman, spin bowler and outstanding fielder, "..

  9. Arnold said that the 1951 version was less versatile but easier to keep in focus.

  10. Prolific and versatile, Van Ruisdael depicted a wide variety of landscape subjects.

  11. Cockatoos are versatile feeders and consume a range of mainly vegetable food items.

  12. Current trends in nanotechnology promise to make much more versatile use of viruses.

  13. Its small size renders it more versatile, but it is less able to feed on deeper prey.

  14. The New York Post wrote of her Cleopatra, "Hepburn offers a highly versatile performance ..

  15. Although a versatile player, Robey thought of himself as a "medium-paced, right-handed bowler".

  16. The trunk is elongated and specialised to become the elephant's most important and versatile appendage.

  17. Australia lacked butterfly swimmers and Tonelli was versatile, so he swum the stroke in the medley relay.

  18. The Cleveland Bay is a versatile horse and is still used today for many tasks, including driving and farmwork.

  19. The United States Army, for example, sought a lighter, more versatile howitzer, to replace their ageing pieces.

  20. Oppenheimer was a versatile scholar, interested in English and French literature, and particularly in mineralogy.

  21. Other welding methods, like shielded metal arc welding, are extremely versatile and can weld virtually any type of joint.

  22. Sen further explained that Kapoor's strength lies in her being versatile; she is "effortlessly honest in her performances.

  23. The humanoid Terrans provide a middle ground between the other two races, providing units that are versatile and flexible.

  24. The animals were trained and versatile, able to kill victims immediately or to torture them slowly over a prolonged period.

  25. Both events seemed appropriate for Thorpe, who was so versatile that he served as Carlisle's one-man team in several track meets.

  26. Haflingers were bred to be versatile enough for many under-saddle disciplines, but still solid enough for draft and driving work.

  27. The flame robin is more versatile in its selection of nesting sites than other robins, and has even been recorded nesting in sheds.

  28. India Today labelled her "the most versatile female lead in the industry", noting that she "play[s] her roles with trademark spunk".

  29. The pentachloride is a versatile reagent used to generate the organometallic compounds, such as niobocene dichloride ((C5H5)2NbCl2).

  30. The deep-thinking German, the brilliant Frenchman and the versatile American have always been too much for sober, stolid John Bull.".

  31. Its feeding habits must have been versatile, since captive specimens were probably given a wide range of food on the long sea journeys.

  32. Coming off the bench were clutch shooting power forward Robert Horry, versatile Hedo Türkoğlu and veterans Malik Rose and Kevin Willis.

  33. The process is versatile and can be performed with relatively inexpensive equipment, making it well suited to shop jobs and field work.

  34. It is one of the oldest and most versatile welding processes, but in recent years it has become less popular in industrial applications.

  35. Players who ally with Hades are versatile, unlike the other three, featuring other unique mechanics such as lifesteal, stealth, and curses.

  36. Bale has been recognised for his versatility, with Martha Ross of The Mercury News naming him one of his generation's most versatile actors.

  37. Indiewire argued that with the film, he "continues to distinguish himself as a versatile performer who turns mimicry into emotional meaning".

  38. Although bred for hunting, Beagles are versatile and are nowadays employed for various other roles in detection, therapy, and as family pets.

  39. Scott Bomboy for the National Constitution Center wrote that despite being "one of the most interesting, intellectual, and versatile presidents ..

  40. Reviewing the Circus Stageshow in 2008, Nicole Bittar of The Age described the members as versatile and cheerful, and commended their circus skills.

  41. Stafford was admired by critics and the listening public for the purity of her voice, and was considered one of the most versatile vocalists of her era.

  42. This skink is a very opportunistic forager and in turn is extremely versatile.The hindlimbs are longer and stronger than the forelimbs, which are small.

  43. Writing for Slate, Erik Sofge makes unfavorable comparisons between the violent incentives of D&D and the more versatile role-playing experience of GURPS.

  44. A versatile player, Wark played most of his professional games as a midfielder, although he sometimes played as a central defender and on occasion as a striker.

  45. A further contributor to this was the generality of the basic course, which continued after students had specialised and was complemented by a versatile faculty.

  46. In Variety's opinion, Johansson's roles in Lost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring established her as among the most versatile actresses of her generation.

  47. It was not the first space telescope, but it is one of the largest and most versatile, renowned both as a vital research tool and as a public relations boon for astronomy.

  48. Their quick trot on paved roads made them more versatile than motorized vehicles, and they were useful for work with guns and in forward units due to their calm temperaments.

  49. The French used the lessons learned at Nà Sản strong ground bases, versatile air support, and a model based on the British Burma Campaign as the basis for their new strategy.

  50. Considered one of the most versatile athletes of modern sports, he won two Olympic gold medals in the 1912 Summer Olympics (one in classic pentathlon and the other in decathlon).

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