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  1. I am totally cool with that.

  2. I'm quite happy with that.".

  3. I'm trying to stick with that.

  4. I have a big problem with that.".

  5. Peter's unfavourably with that of St.

  6. The jaw's morphology agrees with that of P.

  7. There was so much history with that family.".

  8. He asks that Stan continue with that in mind.

  9. Isis's cult was conjoined with that of Serapis.

  10. Peasmold Gruntfuttock with that of genial host of the show.

  11. It is the only pre-1954 commemorative with that distinction.

  12. Bowie said, 'Don't you think we could make a song with that?

  13. We in public health are really not ready to deal with that.".

  14. Female home ranges largely coincide with that of their mates.

  15. My feeling that Bucknall and Erskine would have to go started with that failure ..

  16. Now I know you can't wait to and neither can I, so I won't, and with that goodnight.

  17. These teeth have been identified to be of similar size and shape with that of the L.

  18. Shaw's image in this scene was replaced with that of Christensen in the 2004 release.

  19. The magnetic moment of the nucleus is negligible compared with that of the electrons.

  20. Brown chose not to redraw McDougall's scenes, deciding he "could live with that level of inaccuracy".

  21. Once the highest bidding MLB team was determined, the player could then only negotiate with that team.

  22. He then played goal for the Edmonton Oilers in 1974–75, ending his professional career with that team.

  23. The style of these painters is often dramatically at odds with that of the first generation of artists.

  24. Polyandry consists of one adult female breeding with multiple males, which only breed with that female.

  25. The narration was completely rerecorded in 2011, replacing Ashley Judd's voice with that of Glenn Close.

  26. One way to see if we are practicing right livelihood is to compare our trade with that of Jabba the Hutt.

  27. Work on the most important link, the Toronto Bypass, began in 1951, but it would not open with that name.

  28. Coordinating its attack with that of the Marines, the 9th Infantry advanced abreast of them on the north.

  29. The discovery of iridium is intertwined with that of platinum and the other metals of the platinum group.

  30. Starting with that appearance and thereafter, Bob has assumed the role on The Simpsons of an evil genius.

  31. After over two decades in opposition, the Tories were closely associated with that role in the public eye.

  32. B Squadron advanced with the Maori Battalion, ending the day and advancing the next morning with that unit.

  33. They did decide that the Mint could make the shield clearer, and approved the design with that instruction.

  34. It has been estimated that the ash and pumice deposits have a volume comparable with that of the lava flows.

  35. The BZV's remit overlapped significantly with that of the BGS, which led to a degree of feuding between the two agencies.

  36. About 78% of chicks fledge in normal years, with that percentage only dropping slightly, to 77%, in abnormally hot years.

  37. During the first years of World War II, Australia's military strategy was closely aligned with that of the United Kingdom.

  38. It remained with that brigade until the end of the month, while the remainder of the regiment was withdrawn from the line.

  39. The world has held great heroes,As history books have showed;But never a name went down to fameCompared with that of Toad!

  40. I honestly don't know who came up with that, but it sounded fun and doable, so STI [Sega Technical Institute] jumped on it.

  41. Instead he intended to finish his degree, "[o]nce I'm done with that, I might put the feelers out and see what's happening.

  42. He was given six months' custody in a detention centre, the maximum possible sentence for a youth charged with that offence.

  43. Fred Rogers was planning to do shows on parents going away on trips, and felt Worden's appearance would mesh well with that.

  44. They envied the ever-increasing prosperity of these industrialists as well as the power that came with that economic success.

  45. At the time, messenger boys were not permitted to carry any personal cash in the course of their duties, to prevent their own money being mixed with that of the customers.

  46. Epaminondas, although associated with that faction, was allowed to remain; since "his philosophy made him to be looked down upon as a recluse, and his poverty as impotent".

  47. The authorities at Westminster Abbey had offered burial there, but Britten had made it clear that he wished his grave to be side by side with that, in due course, of Pears.

  48. Lansbury's position was at odds with that of most of the Labour movement, which allied itself with the wartime coalition governments of Asquith and, from 1916, Lloyd George.

  49. The main song is confusable with that of the garden warbler, but it is slightly higher pitched than in that species, more broken into discrete song segments, and less mellow.

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